San Francisco’s Rising: Spotlight on Education Startups in America

January 30, 2024

Education is a pivotal sector, with the power to mold the future generation. As such, the influence of technology, particularly amidst the ongoing pandemic, has been pronounced as new startups prop up, offering unique solutions in the educative space. In the city of San Francisco, California, known for its tech-savvy environment and bright minds, several startups have emerged in the education field since 2020. Ranging from e-learning platforms to literacy tutoring organizations, they’re changing the traditional concept of education and creating more accessible, inclusive, and efficient systems. Let’s take a look at some of these trailblazers:

Ignite! Reading

Co-founded by Evan Marwell and Jessica Sliwerski, Ignite! Reading is a literacy tutoring organization aiming to accelerate students’ reading progress. They partner with schools and districts nationwide to provide K-8 students with reading instruction grounded in the Science of Reading. Their dedicated team of virtual tutors are trained in an evidence-based foundational reading skills curriculum.

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Founded by Alex Avery and Rob Urstein, Gather is an online platform designed to help people find and book classes that fuel their curiosity. By partnering with worldwide universities, museums, and cultural organizations, Gather offers a platform for users to access live and on-demand classes from trusted, esteemed institutions.

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