San Jose’s Pioneering Manufacturing Startups Reshaping American Industry Landscape

January 27, 2024


A surge of innovation is reshaping the manufacturing industry. With the evolution of new technologies, the startups in this sector are attacking complex challenges, generating novel products, and opening new markets. San Jose, California, the heart of Silicon Valley, has been a notable hub for these game-changing startups. Since 2020, numerous startups have emerged that are focused on revolutionizing the manufacturing industry. This article highlights some promising startups based in San Jose who are reimagining the potentials of manufacturing.

Anthro Energy

Founded by a team of experts, Anthro Energy is pushing the boundaries of energy storage technology. As a trailblazer in advanced materials, Anthro Energy is actively finding solutions to some of the world’s most pressing problems around energy storage in a battery-powered future. With the backing of renowned investors and an array of government grants, Anthro Energy is creating ruggedized batteries that safely propel an electrified future tomorrow. You can follow their journey on LinkedIn.


Another remarkable name emerging from San Jose’s manufacturing landscape is FlexTouch. Specializing in industrial manufacturing and product design, FlexTouch is currently working on pioneering sensor technology. Connect with them on LinkedIn to get the latest on their achievements and milestones.

ITSJ Group

In the manufacturing and product design domain, ITSJ Group stands out with its innovative services. Delivering everything from electro-mechanical assemblies to rack-mounted control panels, cable assemblies, and control panel designs, they have transformed industry standards. Catering to the semiconductor, medical, automotive, and aviation industries, ITSJ Group also offers comprehensive support, from design and re-engineering to installation, maintenance, and repair. Learn more about ITSJ Group on their LinkedIn page.

ABCabinet San Jose

Demonstrating excellence in the building material and manufacturing industry is ABCabinet San Jose. They produce a wide array of products – cabinets, countertops, panels, and trim – with various textures and colors. Their offerings include construction details, wood finishes, material, and storage solutions. They also provide customer support through email and phone contact. Find them on LinkedIn and Facebook.

GS Microelectronics

Created with an aim to meet the performance requirements of next-generation applications, GS Microelectronics serves as a global supplier of integrated circuit (IC) manufacturing, packaging, testing, and quality services. Founded by Farhat Jahangir in 2021, GS Microelectronics is headquartered in San Jose, California. Check out their journey on LinkedIn.


An exciting startup building a unique story in San Jose’s manufacturing industry is TORMEM. Bringing together Information Technology, Manufacturing, and Software to unleash innovative possibilities.


Founded by Abdalla Emam, Quam Solutions seeks to empower the micro-manufacturing industry (Small to Mid Markets) with an accessible CPQ tool that is affordable, frictionless, and easy to use. It offers a variety of tools that facilitate collaboration and streamline processes across team members. Learn more about Quam’s mission and services on their LinkedIn page.

Last but not least is, a startup that stands out in the manufacturing software industry. You can explore more about their innovative roll-out and track their latest updates on their LinkedIn page.

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