Seasonal Agricultural Workers: What You Need For A Successful Working Trip

December 15, 2021
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Being a seasonal worker has its ups and downs. It can be an excellent way to earn extra cash, travel the world and build up your working experience. The most common form of seasonal work is agricultural. This can mean long hours and lots of manual labor.

If you’re considering going overseas for seasonal work this year, you will need to ensure you prepare thoroughly. You will be gone for weeks or months, so you must have things at home taken care of.

Get Your Plane Tickets Early

The earlier you book travel, the cheaper it will be and the more options you will have. Ask your employer if they will provide funding for travel and relocation. Never buy a plane ticket without a concrete job offer.

Let Your Family Know How To Contact You

Give family and friends the address and contact number for the place you will be working. Ensure that they all have your up-to-date cell phone number. Let them know when you’ve arrived safely.

Ask Someone To Keep An Eye On Your Home

If you’re leaving a rented or owned property empty, ask someone you trust to keep an eye on the place. Consider hiring a house sitter for extra security.

Ensure Your Employer Has Your Visa Sorted

When traveling overseas, you must ensure you have a visa. Research the type you will need before you leave. In America, as a seasonal worker, you may qualify for an employer-sponsored visa. Find out more about the H-2A requirements and ensure that your employer has sorted your visa. Talk to immigration specialists Farmer Law if you need any legal advice.

Arrange For Your Employer To Pick You Up

When you arrive at your destination, ask that your employer collects you from the airport. This will ensure you get where you need to be and don’t incur any extra travel costs.

Meet The Other Workers

As a seasonal worker, you will likely be housed with other workers. Ensure you get to know your co-workers and build a positive relationship with them. Working and living with a group of people can easily lead to raised tensions, so starting on the right foot is crucial.

Settle Into Your Housing

Your employer should give you time to settle in. Unpack your belongings and put any personal touches around your bed and room. Take a nap if you’ve had a long journey.

Stay In Touch With People Back Home

Keep in regular contact with loved ones back home to keep your mental health strong. Let them know you’re safe and enjoying yourself. Ensure they know if you plan to stay longer unexpectedly and when to expect you home.

Build A Good Working Relationship With Your Employer

Ensure you build a good relationship with your employer. Many employers invite back the best workers year on year, so prove your worth with hard work and a positive attitude.

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