Seattle Startups Revolutionizing the US Manufacturing Industry Landscape

January 29, 2024

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Seattle, famously known for its tech and coffee, is a burgeoning hub for innovative startups in the manufacturing industry. From sustainable materials to aerospace technology, Seattle is home to a new wave of manufacturers bringing fresh ideas and products to various sectors. The following startups, all founded in 2020 onwards, showcase the diversity and dynamism of manufacturing in this Pacific North West city.

With a shared commitment to making goods that enrich lives and protect our planet, these Seattle-based companies are proof that resilient and sustainable manufacturing is not only possible but is also leading the way in this new decade. Their ideas are as varied as the industries they serve, yet they all share a common thread— passion for purposeful, high-quality manufacturing.

Without further ado, let us explore these outstanding startups that are redefining the manufacturing landscape in Seattle, Washington.

OBI Seafoods

Founded in 2020, OBI Seafoods is a merger of two well-established seafood companies that are pioneers in the Alaskan seafood industry. OBI adds sustainable value to Supply Chain Management and Food Processing by manufacturing seafood products that support the livelihood of thousands of fishermen and their families. You may connect with them on their Facebook or LinkedIn pages.

Sky Castle Toys

Sky Castle Toys, founded by Joshua Loerzel and Lev Nelson, merges traditional toys with innovative technology. Committed to creating safe and enjoyable toys, Sky Castle has established its name in the casual games and toys manufacturing industry. For more information, you can check their Facebook and LinkedIn platforms.

The GoodEye

The GoodEye is revolutionizing how consumers access high-quality consumer goods by making it available wholesale. Their commitment to purposeful manufacturing can be seen in their product range and consumer advocacy. Find more about them on their Facebook and LinkedIn page.


Expertise in Electronics, Interior Design, Lighting, and Project Management is what defines TLG. In the manufacturing industry, TLG shows a pioneering approach in integrating technology and design to meet modern interior and lighting needs. Know more about TLG through their LinkedIn page.


Founded by Colin Doughan, Gravitics has an out-of-this-world mission of designing and manufacturing large space structures for human life in space. Gravitics characterizes the dynamic future of the aerospace manufacturing industry. Connect with them on @graviticsinc on Twitter and LinkedIn.


With an innovative approach to apparel manufacturing, Knitwise is reshaping the fashion industry. They offer transparent and on-demand manufacturing which is cost-efficient with minimum quantities as low as one piece. Connect with them on their LinkedIn page.

Nvirovate Materials

Founded by James Holbery, Nvirovate Materials is dedicated to creating products to reduce global greenhouse gases and aid the global business challenge. Their products are eco-friendly, less expensive, and a practical alternative to petroleum adhesives. To know more, check their LinkedIn page.

Alchemy Jars

Alchemy Jars designed a vacuum-insulated jar that aims to protect and preserve organic goods. This startup defines innovation in the manufacturing, retail, shipping, and wholesale industry. Connect with them on their Facebook or LinkedIn pages.

Blue Dot Motorwork

Blue Dot Motorwork, founded by Isabella Taba and Tom Gurski, signifies evolution in the transportation sector. They focus on creating clean, electric vehicles that are efficient and eco-friendly. Stay updated with their latest innovations on @BlueDotMWS on Twitter and on their LinkedIn page.

Foundation Alloy

Foundation Alloy is bringing a significant shift in the manufacturing industry by developing novel alloys optimized for additive manufacturing using advanced materials technology. Their innovative approach can be followed on their LinkedIn page.

Planted Materials

Founded by Noah Belkhous and Greg Jenson in 2022, Planted Materials develops and manufactures renewable materials. Their unique blend of manufacturing and waste management illustrates their commitment to sustainability. Discover more about them on their LinkedIn page.


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