Showcasing Austin’s Innovative Manufacturing Startups Transforming the U.S. Industry

January 28, 2024

The Austin, Texas startup scene has been thriving, with many new ventures emerging since 2020. These startups operate in a wide range of areas, including consumer products, tech, and supply chain management. What sets these brands apart is their innovative thinking, resilience, and unique value propositions. This article will spotlight a list of these new startups from various industries, with an emphasis on the Manufacturing sector.

Austin, known for its vibrant tech scene, is becoming a hub for manufacturing startups. These startups, all founded after 2020, are exploring new strategies for production and distribution, disrupting conventional notions of the manufacturing industry. While their offerings vary, the shared goal of these startups is to create products that not only serve their customers but also dramatically change current manufacturing processes.

In the following sections, you’ll learn about each of these startups, their founders, the industries they serve, and the issues they seek to solve. From electronics to sporting goods and even home construction, the scope of these startups’ ambitions is as extensive as the city’s burgeoning startup ecosystem.


Founded by Jon Olsen, Vaask is a company that designs and manufactures hand sanitizer fixtures for commercial use. Their products are built to last using durable materials. Regular maintenance is a breeze as all components are replaceable and serviceable. Connect with Vaask on LinkedIn.

Venture Connection

Venture Connections is an electronics manufacturing and supply chain management startup. They are geared towards improving processes in the electronics manufacturing sector. Engage with Venture Connections on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


ALLPURE offers antiseptic hand wipes, hand sanitizers, and bathroom amenities. They also provide e-commerce services. Stay connected with ALLPURE on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Founded by Aa Aa, Bernard Nixon, Christine Radosti, and Maxwell Burke, LifePod is a company that uses their patented ‘Pods™ to provide everything from energy and water to housing services. Follow LifePod on LinkedIn.

Recess Pickleball

Maggie Brown founded Recess Pickleball, a lifestyle pickleball brand that encourages all levels of play. Their paddles are industry-standard, allowing users to elevate their game. Stay up-to-date with Recess Pickleball on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Founded by Michel Jreissati, Zeymo is a software company operating in the manufacturing and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) space. Connect with Zeymo on LinkedIn.


Robb Bush founded Design-Science, a startup operating in various industries from autonomous vehicles and logistics to video games. The company is dedicated to disrupting these industries with innovative solutions. Follow Design-Science on LinkedIn.

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