Showcasing Cincinnati’s Emerging Stars in the US Consulting Startup Scene

January 28, 2024

The consulting industry has always been a versatile and dynamic sector. As technology continues to evolve, numerous startups which utilize technological advancements to meet the needs of their clients have emerged. Our focus in this article is Cincinnati, Ohio, home to a range of new and dynamic consulting startups. Established in 2020 or later, these organizations utilize technology, innovation, and creativity to provide exceptional services across various sectors.

These startups are changing the face of the traditional consulting approach by combining it with varying technological tools leading to the creation of improved customer-oriented solutions. Close analysis of these businesses tells a story of evolution in the consulting industry, drawing a clear pathway towards the future of the sector.

Illustrative of this trend are the following eight startups which have been making significant waves in Cincinnati’s consulting industry. These firms are innovatively responding to the market’s growing demands while incorporating the latest technology trends, setting a clear trajectory for the consulting industry.

Digital Clarity

Digital Clarity incorporates the use of analytics, artificial intelligence, information technology, and video into their consulting services. The company mainly focuses on the analysis of video, voice, sound, and textual data that can be used for investigative and training purposes. In the video sector, Digital Clarity concentrates on analyzing videos uploaded to various social media platforms. You can connect with them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Specializing in artificial intelligence and machine learning, Goldfinch provides high-end consulting services. Their presence on the digital front justifies their competency in dealing with tech-driven client needs. Find them on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Essential Growth Properties

Providing consulting services in the Real Estate sector, Essential Growth Properties aims to prosper by helping other companies grow. Essential Growth Properties principal founder is Nicholas Hodge. The company is easily reachable through Facebook and LinkedIn.


Integrating Blockchain, cybersecurity, and machine learning, Zeitios provides tech-oriented consulting services. In addition to custom development and robotics, it offers advice to machine learning engineers on the development of more profound self-learning solutions. Connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Infinite Digital Solutions

Infinite Digital Solutions provides advertising, digital marketing, and consulting services. They aim to deliver a range of customized digital solutions to their clients. Find out more about them on LinkedIn.

wrong side of the pond Creative

As unique as their name, wrong side of the pond Creative offers services in consulting, digital marketing, graphic design, and web design. They specialize in branding, including brand building and positioning. Their social media services include content development, advertising, voice consulting, and strategy. They are available on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Lockwood Hill Associates

Founded by Jan Willem van der Werff, Lockwood Hill Associates is a management consulting firm offering high-quality consulting services. More about them is available on LinkedIn.

In summary, the consulting industry in Cincinnati, Ohio, embraces technological advancements and innovative approaches to drive their growth. The startups mentioned have set an impressive trend demonstrating the significant value the incorporation of technology brings to the consulting industry. Their approaches uniquely position them as industry leaders with a vision for the future. Their contribution to the consulting industry has set the groundwork for many more innovations across the globe.

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