Showcasing New York-based Social Media Startups Thriving Nationally

January 29, 2024

The vibrant social media scene within New York’s startup ecosystem is continually evolving, breeding innovative startups with fresh concepts and tech-enabled solutions. These startups not only disrupt the conventional paradigms of digital interaction but also democratize user experiences in unique ways. Below is a snapshot of some of these startups, each one founded in 2020 or later, taking shapes and strides within this bustling ecosystem.

These startups span a wide spectrum of applications in the social media landscape, from platforms re-invoicing digital experiences to entities providing panda-bedded access to data. Their contribution to creating a dynamic social media industry echoes New York’s reputation as one of the global hubs for startup innovation.

Here, we explore a few of these promising startups, gaining an in-depth view of their unique concepts, businesses, and the founders behind them.


Founded by Alexander Mahedy, Pager is an innovative startup shaping new ways of capturing digital experiences. This NY-based startup envisions a unique take on social media technology. Connect with them on LinkedIn and Twitter @pagerxyz.


Kambeo is a social impact platform making it fun and easy for people to give back to their communities. By thoughtfully connecting causes, community, and commerce, Kambeo provides businesses with tools to authentically demonstrate their commitment to environmental, social, and governance initiatives. Learn more about their work on their Facebook page, LinkedIn, or Twitter @kambeo_.


ChekMarc, founded by Marc Kaplan, is a global community platform that empowers one-on-one connections for changemakers looking to affect change for themselves or others. Find out more about them on their LinkedIn page.

DeepSync Labs

DeepSync Labs is a NY-based startup applying innovative technology to carve their own niche in the advertising sector. Follow them on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter @deepsynclabs to stay updated with their offerings.

Founded by Adilet Sarsembaev, is an exceptional tool that provides clients access to any data they need. Connect with them on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter @databar_ai.


SEEN Media Group specializes in creating engaging interactions between businesses and customers. With their wide range of interactive formats, they offer complete branding solutions that combine several media platforms.Facebook, LinkedIn

Gorgor House

Gorgor House is a startup focusing on social media and web design. Connect with Gorgor House on Facebook or Twitter @gorgorhouse.

FourTwo Creative

Providing a myriad of creative services, FourTwo Creative specializes in advertising, brand strategy, content creation, and more. Founded by a team of four talented individuals – Antoinette Isama, Damola Durosomo, Hanan Osman, and Oyinkan Olojede. Follow them on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter @thisisfourtwo.

Target Patients

Operating in the intersection of advertising, health care, reputation, SEO, social media marketing, Target Patients is a valuable resource. Check them out on Facebook and LinkedIn.


SocioProphet operates in the industry with a focus on information services and technologies. Connect with them on their LinkedIn page or Twitter @socioprophet for more insights.


Last but not least, IF7 stands as a unique entity specializing in brand marketing, consulting for content creators, gaming, and social media management. Find more about them on their LinkedIn page.

In conclusion, these startups exemplify the innovation embodied within the social media industry in New York. With their impressive ventures, they continue to push the boundaries of social media interaction, making digital experiences more enriching and meaningful for users.

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