Showcasing New York’s Innovative Marketing Startups Making Waves in the US

January 25, 2024

In this article, we will highlight some of the US’s most exciting early-stage startups operating in the Marketing industry, specifically those situated in New York, New York. These startups are quickly gaining recognition for their innovative products and services launched in or after 2020. Regardless of the sector—Artificial Intelligence, Email Marketing, Software, AI, Brand Marketing, and others—each of these startups has one clear goal in mind: to take the marketing industry by storm.

Startups bring new, fresh ideas to the market, often becoming key drivers in their respective industries. These companies are redefining the marketing landscape, leveraging technology to deliver superior, efficient, and more personalized customer experiences. In particular, the growth of digital marketing is enabling these startups to create innovative methods for businesses to reach their audiences.

We’ve handpicked 12 startups based on their innovation, potential for growth, and commitment to improving the marketing sector. Each of these startups has a unique story to tell, and we are thrilled to shed light on these inspiring companies.


Co-founded by Will Allred and William Ballance, Lavender is revolutionizing Email Marketing with a unique AI email assistant. The assistant offers real-time, AI-driven coaching, prospect research, email confirmation, spam detection, mobile-view checking, and much more. Lavender’s userbase includes SDRs and AEs from some of the world’s largest companies. Find them on Twitter @lavenderhq, Facebook here, and LinkedIn here.

Specializing in enterprise software, marketing automation, and telecommunications, was founded by Alex Levin and Rebecca Greene. The company delivers an outbound phone and SMS sales solution used widely across various industries. Check their LinkedIn profile here.

Black Crow AI

Damon Tassone and Richard Harris launched Black Crow AI to offer a business analytics platform that uses machine learning to make predictions. The platform offers real-time insights at significantly reduced costs and boosts new customer acquisition scale and efficiency by 25-50%. You can connect with them on Twitter @blackcrowai, Facebook here, and LinkedIn here.


The brainchild of former Amazon workers Raunak Nirmal and Wiley Zhang, Acquco is an e-commerce platform that specializes in acquiring and growing Amazon Marketplace businesses. To connect with Acquco, check their Facebook here and LinkedIn here.


The brainchild of Nafis Azad and Sneh Parmar, Lucky is an e-commerce platform aiding retailers and omnichannel brands to better sync their operations. Lucky can be found on Twitter @luckylabshq, Facebook here, and LinkedIn here.


Founded by Chris Hoyle, Neil McLean, and Randy Frank, Navattic helps sales and marketing teams create interactive product tours. Follow them on Twitter @navattic and LinkedIn here.


Glimpse, co-founded by Kushal Negi, Akash Raju, and Anuj Mehta, collaborates with brands to place their products in luxury short-term rentals as a sales channel. Reach out to them on Twitter @try_glimpse, Facebook here, and LinkedIn here.


BERA, was founded by Ryan Barker, offers a brand assessment platform that bridges the gap between marketing, brand health, and business value. They can be found on Twitter @berafindlove and LinkedIn here.

Founded by Lio Slama, is the first intelligent shared inbox that helps teams and businesses unify their customer experience. Find them on Twitter @askneo_io, Facebook here, and LinkedIn here.


Ilya Podolyako and Rahmi Putri co-founded Port., an online platform that democratizes private capital markets through data. Find them on LinkedIn here.

Highfive Brands

Highfive Brands, co-founded by Sean Kim and Taylor Doherty, takes brands under its wing with the aim to utilize its e-commerce platform to elevate them to new heights. You can find them on LinkedIn here.

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