Showcasing New York’s Rising Stars in the US Jewelry Startup Sector

January 28, 2024

The dynamic industry of jewelry startups in New York City continues to thrive, with an array of fresh and innovative brands shaping the market. In an area known for its fashion-forward flair and bustling commerce scene, we see these trailblazing startups offering fresh, trend-setting pieces. Each start-up, from offering high-quality e-commerce platforms to unique product lines, adding a unique flavor to the Big Apple’s jewelry industry.

In this article, we explore some of the promising startups that blossomed in 2020 and beyond. These businesses, seen as the future of the jewelry industry, each bring their unique touch. Let’s delve deeper and bring them to light.


One of the fresh additions to the NYC jewelry scene is Eternate. This startup navigates its path into the fashion and jewelry industry by leaning heavily on e-commerce.


Co-founded by Debora LaBudde, MEMO is an e-commerce jewelry brand making a wave in the retail technology sphere. Offering a unique ‘try-now-buy-later’ platform, MEMO has transformed the luxury shopping experience by merging the physical and digital world. [Source]

Maitri Diamonds

Maitri Diamonds is distinctly making its mark in the jewelry manufacturing and retail sector. [Linkedin] | [Facebook]

Rent the Jewelry

In the sharing economy and rental sphere, “Rent the Jewelry” presents a unique platform allowing consumers to rent exquisite jewelry. [Facebook] | [Linkedin]


Co-founded by Roy Lugasi, Stork is a product discovery and sourcing platform where jewelry retailers and suppliers connect and grow. [Linkedin] | [Facebook]

Oscar Massin

Oscar Massin, founded by Coralie de Fontenay, Frederic de Narp, Sandrine de Laage, and Suzanne Hader, is a luxury jewelry house. It specializes in the development of climate-neutral, untreated, traceable lab-grown diamonds. [Linkedin] | [Facebook]

Infinity Fine Jewelry

Infinity Fine Jewelry, an e-commerce-based manufacturer of fine jewelry, specializes in contemporary styles. [Linkedin] | [Facebook] | [Twitter]


Rareworks offers innovative software and IT solutions to the jewelry industry. It helps businesses increase sales, minimize expenses, and digitally connect with their customers. [Linkedin] | [Facebook] | [Twitter]


Co-founded by Vibhor Dhadda, APPARNT is making waves in the e-commerce and trading platform space by offering wearable investments. [Linkedin] | [Facebook]


LUXUS is an innovative startup unlocking fractional ownership of precious gems and other luxury items by partnering with premium luxury brands. [Linkedin] | [Facebook] | [Twitter]

In conclusion, these startups are carving new pathways in the jewelry industry by pioneering unique approaches in design, production, retail, and customer service. As they continue to thrive and innovate, the New York jewelry scene will undoubtedly continue to dazzle and inspire.

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