Soaring to New Heights: Virginia’s Top Aerospace Innovators

October 9, 2023

1. Skydweller

Skydweller is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with their solar-powered aircraft, aiming for perpetual flight. No more fuel stops, just endless blue skies.


Ensuring safety and transparency in space, SCOUT is paving the way with their products and services. They aim to bring a new era of space safety and Space Domain Awareness.

3. HawkEye 360

Mapping has taken a cosmic turn. HawkEye 360 offers data analytics through space-based radio frequency mapping. From space, everything looks different.

4. Hazon Solutions, LLC

Specializing in small UAVs, Hazon Solutions is offering services from inspection operations to safety and testing programs. The little giants of the airspace!

5. Gradient

The future of flight may never touch the ground. Gradient is building an aircraft that never lands. An endless voyage awaits.

6. Fenix Group

Offering system integrated infrastructure services, Fenix Group is supporting the aerospace sector’s foundations.

7. Sedaro Technologies

Cloud-based satellite mission design software is no longer a thing of dreams. With Sedaro Technologies, analyze, simulate, and model satellite missions seamlessly.

8. AERO Corporation

Venturing into the era of autonomy, AERO Corporation is developing Autonomous Aerial Enterprise Systems. Flying has never been smarter.

9. NorthStar Technologies

Every aircraft needs parts, and NorthStar Technologies ensures those parts are available. The unsung heroes keeping aircraft in the air.

10. Paramount Aviation Resources Group

From leasing to ferry services, Paramount Aviation Resources Group ensures smooth operations in the airspace.

11. Luminary Air Group

Craftsmanship and comfort in aircraft interiors are essential. Luminary Air Group offers specialization from design to seating.

12. MPS

Integrating systems engineering with intelligence solutions, MPS is the backbone of many aerospace operations.

13. W.R. Davis Engineering

Signature management takes a front seat with W.R. Davis Engineering, leading the industry from simulations to implementations.

14. Studdiford Technical Solutions

Offering a comprehensive suite of services from consulting to technology integration, Studdiford Technical Solutions supports the airline sectors in all their needs.

15. Buhler Consulting, LLC

When it comes to aerospace and defense consulting, Buhler Consulting, LLC stands out. From logistics to modernization, they’ve got it covered.

Virginia continues to establish itself as a hub for aerospace innovation. With companies like these leading the way, the future of aerospace looks brighter and bolder.

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