Social Media Mavericks: The 15 Rising Stars of New York

October 3, 2023

A platform that prioritizes lively interactions, Pickzon’s Golive feature gives a fresh touch to how users post feeds and share live moments.

With Instagram’s ever-evolving landscape, SocialMeep provides marketers with automated tools to keep up and thrive.

Redefining social media, Peachee stands out by allowing creators to narrate richer, deeper stories to the world.
Short and sweet: “We make apps that are fun.” It’s a promise, and certainly delivers.

Catering to a niche yet growing community, Veganzone bridges vegan-vegetarians worldwide through shared events and interactions.

A platform where censorship takes a backseat, GETTR is all about free speech and nurturing independent thought.

spam app
Capturing the candid charm of everyday life, spam app believes that casual photos just encapsulate more of the moment.

Powering a social media platform on a decentralized database, Steemit is rewriting the rulebook of digital networking.

Swap Inc.
Making networking easier, Swap Inc. offers a convenient solution to exchange multiple social media contacts.

A multifaceted platform, NeoDocto harmoniously blends healthcare, education, and media services.
Providing clients with a robust tool, ensures access to a myriad of data points tailored to individual needs.

Operating on a blockchain foundation, Steem offers publishers a unique platform to monetize their content and foster a thriving community.

For the gourmands, Tastd offers personalized restaurant recommendations ensuring every meal is an experience to remember.

3 Enrollment Marketing
A one-stop solution for businesses, 3 Enrollment Marketing covers the gamut of marketing strategies from social media to SEM.

Simplifying conversations, ChitChat is an exclusive, invite-only application that brings the drop-in chat model to life.

New York remains at the forefront of social media innovation. These companies, each with its unique offering, exemplify the city’s drive to constantly redefine our digital experiences. With the landscape continually evolving, New York’s social media scene promises a dynamic future.

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