Software Types Business Professionals Should Be Familiar With

October 27, 2022
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Business professionals use technology more today than ever, with some entrepreneurs running online-only shops from mobile devices. To stay competitive in the job market, you will want to be at least familiar with common types of software to communicate effectively with coworkers or to complete the job at hand. The more working knowledge you have of application and systems software, the easier it will be to troubleshoot problems and find the suitable suite for your company’s needs.

Application Software

The most common type of software you will likely encounter at work is application software. This category includes tools like word processors, spreadsheets, and web browsers. Some applications in this category can be accessed entirely online, requiring no download, such as online PDF tools and cloud-based communication software. You can also find these applications grouped in suites, online or downloaded, with the same user interface and dashboard for multiple apps. This category has been added over the years, and the use of programs such as word processors and database software is being taught to younger and younger students. 

Applications software will be unique to the company you work for and the developer who designed it, but there are some similarities in how they work. For instance, word processors allow you to write and format business communication forms or reports. At the same time, PDF tools help you combine files into an easy-to-read and read-only format before distributing them. Having in-depth knowledge of one type of multimedia editing software does not necessarily mean that you can work with every other type on the market. Still, it can help lower the learning curve on a new application. As more recent high school graduates already have a foundation in application software, learning how to use these tools can keep you in the competition for the promotions you want.

Systems Software

Being familiar with the use and functions of systems software can help streamline your work and troubleshoot many of your tech issues. Systems software includes operating systems, device drivers and firmware. Utilities and programming language translators are also included in this category. Some of these programs will be used extensively in daily tasks, while others may be operating in the background or unnoticed. For instance, your device’s operating system allows it to start and run tasks while the antivirus utility scans your device with little input from the user. Why wait for tech support to look at your computer and say your device drivers are out of date when you know how to check for that and fix it on your own? The more you know about systems software, the easier it will be to find the best programs for your needs.

While a degree in computer programming is not necessary for a job in the business sector, a basic familiarity with different software types can help make your job easier. Most business professionals need a working knowledge of applications software like PDF readers and spreadsheet tools and familiarity with systems software such as malware utilities and device drivers.

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