Spotlight on Emerging US-based Marketing Startups in Los Angeles

January 30, 2024

Los Angeles, popularly known as the entertainment capital of the world, is becoming known for more than just Hollywood. This sunny metropolis is now home to a burgeoning technology and startup scene. Treading the same entrepreneurial path as Silicon Valley, Los Angeles’s StartUp scene has catapulted the city to become the third finest Startup ecosystem worldwide. The Marketing industry, particularly, is one area that’s caught our eye with a myriad of new startups popping up. Here, we look at some of the most exciting new startups headquartered in Los Angeles that were founded in 2020 and later.

These startups are not only innovative and disruptive but also underline the city’s shift towards the tech industry. They have leveraged the advance in technology adopting tech enabled tactics to reach and engage their customers most effectively. From Blockchain, Social Media Marketing and affiliate marketing to multilingual B2B Lead generation and influencer marketing platforms, these companies are setting new standards in the Marketing industry.

So let’s not make you wait any longer and jump right into our list of 11 exciting startups. Looking at who they are, what they do and the founders behind them, we give you a glimpse at some of the innovative Start Ups based in Los Angeles making waves in 2020 and beyond.

Spatial Labs

Spatial Labs, founded by Technologist and Entrepreneur Iddris Sandu in 2020, is shaping the future of commerce and consumer experience. Serving as a flagbearer for innovation at the intersection of culture, community, and connectivity, the company has a vision to revolutionize the future of the human experience. Their first product LNQ, a state-of-the-art blockchain-enabled hardware platform, was publicly launched in May 2022.


Created by Christian Brown and Dylan Duke, Glewee provides an application-based platform that acts as an aggregate for influencers. The platform also offers services such as relationship management, collaboration tools, campaign planning, launch, and reporting to help brands.

Thumzup Media

Founded by Robert Steele, Thumzup Media Corporation is democratizing the social media branding and marketing industry, aiming to provide a robust platform for individuals to earn cash through programmatic advertising.


Startup HOLLYFY, formed by Aju Thomas and Erik Norgaard, is an all-in-one collaboration platform for advertisers and entertainment/content creators. It simplifies sourcing collaborators, task management, deploying contracts, transferring funds, and more.

Copernic Space

Copernic Space seeks to give users seamless access to manage all space assets in one place. Founded in 2020, this startup is based in Los Angeles, California.


Malqart, created by Karim Mokhtar, is a unique multilingual B2B lead generation and Lead-to-Opportunity service. It provides a centralized solution for sales professionals and B2B business owners to reach out to highly targeted C-level leads and potential channel partners.

Unruly Agency

The brainchild of startup culture, Unruly Agency focuses on advertising, digital marketing, professional services, and social media marketing.

Social Snowball

Recognized for its prowess in advertising, affiliate marketing and E-commerce, Social Snowball is a player on the rise in Los Angeles’s marketing scene.

Night Market

Founded by Randy Browning, Night Market is an eCommerce data intelligence and consulting company. This startup aims to provide meaningful digital strategies and shopping experiences.


Startup BUENA AI, founded by Stephanie Be, is a standout player in the fields of affiliate marketing, content creation, E-commerce, and IT. An influencer in the lifestyle, software, tourism, and travel sectors, BUENA AI continues to make waves.


Fuelled by the entrepreneurial spirit of Maddy Sukoru, GroupShop takes a novel approach to advertising by decentralizing it and enabling customers to share the brand and get paid accordingly.

Each of these startups reflects the spirit of Los Angeles – innovative, diverse, and ready to challenge the status quo. Even though they were formed very recently, they’ve quickly evolved to offer new solutions in the Marketing industry. Keep your eyes on these names – we are excited to see where the road ahead takes them!

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