Spotlight on Farmington: Pioneering Psychologist Companies Worth Watching

Delve into the diverse and innovative world of psychology services in Farmington, Utah.

1. Lisa Jones PhD

Categories: Psychologist
Offering a specialized approach to psychological care, Lisa Jones comes with a well-regarded reputation. While specific details remain personal, her dedicated clientele can attest to her proficiency and dedication.

2. The Cedars Neuropsychology Center

Categories: Psychologist
The Cedars Neuropsychology Center is renowned for its unique approach and specialization in neuropsychology, setting the bar for expert care in the region.

3. Dallas Empey, Ph.D. – Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Description: Licensed Clinical Psychologist providing telehealth services throughout the state of Utah. Call today to schedule an appointment.
Categories: An extensive array of services ranging from mood disorders and psychotherapy to family counseling and more. Dallas Empey showcases a diverse background in the field.

4. The OCD & Anxiety Treatment Center

Description: A specialized treatment center focusing on obsessive-compulsive disorder and various anxiety spectrum disorders since 2007. With a certified and compassionate team, the center offers personalized treatments based on research-proven methods.
Categories: Mental Health Services, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Anxiety Treatment, and many more.

5. The Counseling Center LLC

Categories: Counselors
Ensuring that every client has a voice, The Counseling Center LLC provides a safe haven for individuals seeking guidance and therapeutic support.

6. Scott Cutler MD

Categories: Surgeons, Psychologist, Health Care Professional, and more.
Scott Cutler MD stands out not only for his expertise in psychology but also for his broad spectrum of medical knowledge, offering a comprehensive approach to wellness.

7. Austin M Chiles PHD Inc.

Categories: Psychologist, Occupational Therapist
Combining the domains of psychology and occupational therapy, Austin M Chiles provides holistic care that addresses both the mind and daily functional needs.

8. Davis Behavioral Health

Categories: Mental Health Clinic, Mental Health Counselor, Addiction Treatment Center, Psychologist
A hub of multi-faceted services, Davis Behavioral Health is dedicated to ensuring mental wellness, offering specialized treatments for various conditions.

9. Dr. Quincey Lee Atkin, PHD

Categories: Psychologist
Affiliated with the prestigious Intermountain Healthcare, Dr. Atkin offers expert psychological services, bringing a unique and trusted perspective to the field.

10. Resolutions Counseling Center

Categories: Counselor
With a commitment to finding resolutions, this counseling center provides a pathway for individuals to navigate their challenges with guided support.

Honorable Mentions:

  • South Davis Psychological Services with categories ranging from Medical Service to Counselor.
  • Kathryn Ph.D. Stewart Psychologist, specializing in psychological care.
  • Sandberg Jerry l Psychologist, known for his expertise in Mental Health Services.

Farmington continues to emerge as a hub for psychological services in Utah. With such a rich array of specialists and centers, it’s evident that the community’s mental health is in capable hands. Whether you’re a practitioner looking to collaborate or an individual seeking support, Farmington offers unparalleled choices.

Written by Mobb

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