Spotlight on Houston-Based American Software Startups Pioneering Tech Innovation

January 30, 2024

Startup culture is thriving in the United States, with burgeoning companies popping up all over the country. Here we spotlight the software industry in Houston, Texas, home to many innovative new startups that have emerged since 2020. These startups are not only making strides in software development but are also impacting various verticals like healthcare, finance, and information technology. Each of these companies showcases the potential that Houston holds as a startup hub.

From patient engagement platforms to tools for building crypto apps, and from virtual reality software for pilot training to automation in surgical scheduling, these startups are leveraging cutting-edge technology to solve real-world problems. Moreover, they demonstrate the diverse array of applications that software can cater to and the potential such technology brings to various industries.

Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at these revolutionary startups that are making waves in Houston’s software industry, carving a niche for themselves with innovative solutions and progressive ideas.


RepeatMD was founded by Philipp Sitter and focuses on the healthcare and cosmetic surgery markets. This B2B software company provides fintech and patient engagement solutions, including a rewards program and a marketplace for selling memberships and treatments. Its software suite aids in driving more referrals, financing treatments, and automating patient retention.


Based in Houston, Texas, Kurtosis is a comprehensive developer tool system for building, testing, and running distributed crypto apps. It offers a superior development experience, aiming to streamline and simplify the process of building distributed systems.

Octagos Health

Founded by Shanti Bansal, Octagos Health is a healthcare startup that offers a cloud-based platform which aggregates remote and in-person interrogations for all Cardiac Rhythm Management manufacturers. It is aimed at improving patient compliance, clinic empowerment, quality of care, and efficiency.


CaseCTRL is a software company that uses artificial intelligence to automate surgery scheduling workflows. Founded by Ashvin Dewan and Pamela Singh, CaseCTRL is dedicated to making surgeries easier to manage, reducing cancellations and complications, and enhancing patient care and operational efficiency.


Founded by Evey Cormican and Rick Parker, VTR is centered on improving pilot training through virtual reality technology. This startup shows tremendous potential in the aerospace industry.

Deft Sales

Deft Sales was co-founded by Brendan Brown, Hunter Wright, and James Fason. This startup is specialized in providing software services in the realm of information technology and lead generation.


Founded by Michelle Peters and Rebecca Dejean, BRIK Apps aims to make app development accessible to all. Their fixed-code solution allows people without any design or tech experience to build and launch their web and mobile app platform.

Pro Software

Pro Software is a Houston-based startup serving the finance and information technology sectors.

Ampersand Professionals

Focused on education and career planning, Ampersand Professionals founded by Allie Danziger and Kathrin Applebaum, provides remote internships aided by committed mentors. They help professionals acquire the necessary skills for entry-level employment.


Based in Houston, Texas, Nurseify operates in the sphere of health care and mobile app development.


Specializing in the fields of information technology, marine technology, and software, OCEANSMART is bringing innovative solutions to the maritime industry.

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