Spotlight on Innovative US News Startups Headquartered in New York

January 30, 2024

New York has always been known as the city that never sleeps, and that includes its bustling news industry. Over the years, the city not only houses the headquarters of some of the world’s most prestigious news outlets but also became a seedbed for emerging news startups that have been making an impact since their inception. Below, we capture some of the most promising news startups in New York that have been launched in 2020 or later.

These startups span across various industries such as broadcasting, digital media, machine learning, and blockchain among others, blending technology and news to innovate, inspire, and impact. They are designed to cater to different audiences and have established a stronghold in their respective sectors offering unique ways of broadcasting information.

Let’s delve into exploring more about these startups, what makes them unique, and the kind of stories they are telling.

Roca News

A fusion of broadcasting, media and entertainment, and news, Roca News is a community platform built around news that allows the readers to form their own opinion. Although the founders remain undisclosed, the startup has been gaining traction within the news community. Follow them on LinkedIn for updates.


Co-founded by Francesco Marconi, AppliedXL brings together information technology, life sciences, machine learning, and news. The event detection company has a team of journalistically-minded individuals who work together to anticipate the news. Their technology links disparate data points to surface early signals that drive action. Follow them on LinkedIn and @appliedxl on Twitter for more.

Every Media

Every Media enhances media and entertainment through news and video. Despite their founders remaining undisclosed, the startup has been making strides in their field. Connect with them on LinkedIn and tweet them on @Every.

101 Blockchains

101 Blockchains combines blockchain, information technology, internet, and news to provide an online independent research-based network for blockchain practitioners. Their mission revolves around providing blockchain professionals with practical, up-to-date knowledge and upskilling. Stay updated by connecting on their LinkedIn page.


GamesCreed, a news platform for professional gamers, delivers up-to-date video game news and reviews. They offer a gaming dimension in their news content and have created a trusted brand for their audiences. You can engage with them on LinkedIn, Facebook and @GamesCreed1 on Twitter.

The Negros Times

The Negros Times, founded by Lyle Whatchamacallit, is a multifaceted online platform providing quality news anytime and anywhere. The platform has carved a niche in the fields of advertising, digital media, journalism, and social media marketing. Follow them on Facebook, LinkedIn, or tweet them @thenegrostimes.

The Iris

The Iris is a news startup specializing in underreported, accurate news, versatile opinion pieces and captivating stories. Their dedication to journalism and publishing sets them apart in the industry. They have an active presence on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Syft News

Syft News has emerged as a platform that processes global news creating a customizable news experience with content filtered by political bias, source, and sentiment. With its focus on information technology and the internet, Syft News aims to give readers complete control over the content they see. Stay updated through their LinkedIn page and Facebook.


Ourco blends information services, mobile apps, and news to make an impact in the industry. With founders yet to be disclosed, the startup has been evolving in the industry. You can follow them on LinkedIn and tweet them on @OurcoOfficial.

Healthcare Huddle

Founded by Brett Dashevsky, Harrison Kaplan, Jared Dashevsky, with a focus on healthcare, Healthcare Huddle informs, connects and strengthens the healthcare community with weekly newsletters, an online educational platform and informative posts. Connect with them on LinkedIn, like them on Facebook, and follow @hchuddle on Twitter.


Focusing on broadcasting, consulting, content, creative agency, education, film production, and news among others, Newsworthy is aimed at inspiring people with detailed news. The startup, founded by Dillon Bernard, continues to evolve and promises to make a significant impact in the sector.

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