Spotlight on LA-based Web Design Startups Revolutionizing Digital Spaces US

January 27, 2024

As the web design industry continues to evolve, several dynamic startups in Los Angeles, California have emerged to meet the diverse needs of businesses. These startups, all incubated in 2020 or later, are offering innovative web design solutions across various sectors. They utilize cutting-edge technology and creative strategies, shaping the web design landscape and business operations as whole. Here, we’ll explore some startups making waves in the web design industry in Los Angeles.

All these companies have their unique sets of strengths, with some offering specialized services such as SEO, digital marketing, and graphic design, to name a few. This compilation aims to shed light on these enterprises, their founders, areas of expertise and the types of services they provide. This will help an informed decision-making process to those businesses seeking web design and related services.

The diversity of these startups contributes to a thriving and competitive web design industry, positioning Los Angeles as a home base for innovative tech startups. Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at these ten forward-thinking startups taking the LA web design scene by storm.

Media Cure

Media Cure is a Los Angeles-based company specialized in Digital Marketing, SEO, and Web Design. The company offers creative and strategic solutions to businesses. Despite being relatively new, they have managed to carve out a name for themselves in the digital marketing space. You can connect with them on LinkedIn.

Curtis Times Media

Founded by Augus Curtis, Curtis Times Media is a versatile company offering advertising, digital marketing, graphic design, marketing, SEO, and web design services. Serving as a news and entertainment media company, Curtis Times Media offers a wide range of digital marketing services catering to today’s businesses. Stay updated by following them on Facebook or LinkedIn.

Creative Compass

Creative Compass, co-founded by Helene Coutinho, Leanne Beasley, and Samantha Rice, is a full-service digital marketing company. They offer services from website design and development to influencer marketing, SEO, paid media, and social media services across various industries. Get connected with Creative Compass on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Solanas Creative

Solanas Creative stands out with its unique offering of services including product design, packaging design, custom website graphics, and more. They aim to provide businesses with innovative design solutions strengthening their brand’s visual identity. Follow Solanas Creative on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Smart Tech Menu

Smart Tech Menu addresses the needs of the food and beverage industry with their innovative digital menu board systems. They offer feature-rich products that enhance the dining experience with features like promotional banners, vibrant food images and engaging videos. Get more updates from them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Korst & Company

Korst & Company, a startup specializing in content and graphic design, aims to offer top-notch advertising solutions to businesses. Their team of creative experts focus on delivering uniquely tailored advertising strategies that resonate with target audiences. Stay connected with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Bukuji is a bundle of diverse services, providing solutions ranging from web design to SEO and social media marketing. Their team of specialists helps to improve website’s rankings and traffic, ensuring businesses reach and influence their target customers effectively. Follow their updates on Facebook or LinkedIn.

Jabarri Marketing Agency

Founded by Keishawn Blackstone, Jabarri Marketing Agency, is dedicated to providing the best solutions for businesses across various sectors. They offer an array of services from brand and media strategy to consulting and social media marketing. Connect with them on Facebook or LinkedIn.


Co-founded by Christian Anderson, DentalTech uniquely serves the healthcare sector, specifically dental, providing web design solutions along with consulting services. They strive to streamline operations and enhance patient experiences with their specialized services. Stay in touch on Facebook or LinkedIn.

Writing Prime

Writing Prime is a one-stop-shop for all content creation needs. From writing services to web design and development, they ensure quality service and professionalism in every project. Writing Prime works closely with clients to deliver tailored solutions for their specific needs. Connect with them through their Facebook or LinkedIn page.

Quixas Technologies

Quixas Technologies, co-founded by Mahrukh Ijaz and Mustafa Ijaz, offers a range of services, including Web Design and Development, E-commerce solutions, and Mobile Application design and development. They assure top-quality products, focusing on timely delivery and client satisfaction. Stay updated with Quixas Technologies by following their Facebook and LinkedIn updates.

In a competitive online landscape, these companies continue to push the boundaries of innovation and creativity. These startups are not just transforming the web design industry but are redefining the business operations and customer experience by providing unique, tailor-made solutions. Companies seeking high-quality, forward-thinking web design services will find a wealth of options within the vibrant Los Angeles tech scene.

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