Spotlight on LA’s Premier Consulting Startups Revolutionizing American Business

January 29, 2024

The year 2020 denotes the emergence of innovative startups from various sectors in Los Angeles, California. These startups have shown resilience and innovation in the face of a tumultuous year and have added value to the industries they operate in. In particular, the consulting industry witnessed the birth of startups offering unique services and business models. Here, we explore some of these exceptional startups, their visions, and their contributions to the consulting industry.

Los Angeles, an ambitious city famed for its creative scene, is also a promising landscape for aspiring entrepreneurs. A city rich in diversity and creativity, it renders an ideal environment for innovative ideas to thrive. So now, let’s turn our focus to highlighted startups based in LA that were founded in or after 2020.

Each of these startups represents a different niche within the consulting industry, from renewable energy and environmental consulting to information technology and e-commerce. Despite their varied focus areas, these startups share a common trait: they all bring revolutionary services and ideas to the table.

Hive Technologies

Boyd Bishop and Mathias Thomsen co-founded Hive Technologies, a company focused on EV technology within the renewable energy arena. This startup drawing attention within the Electric Vehicle, Energy, Environmental Consulting, and Renewable Energy industries. Connect with Hive Technologies on their LinkedIn profile.

Pique Action

Pique Action operates within the Environmental Consulting, Sustainability, and Wellness industries, with a clear dedication to fostering sustainable practices and wellness. To learn more about their offerings, check them out on LinkedIn or follow their Twitter feed.

Lora Mac

Offering consulting services in the service industry, Lora Mac showcases unique strategies to overcome obstacles that service companies often face.


Spackle, co-founded by Gregory O’Connor and Jarred Walker, brings a user-friendly technology for contractors to manage services in an efficient, transparent way. With their roots in the Apps, Construction, Consulting, Software, and Software Engineering industries, they offer an all-encompassing solution to streamline construction projects.


Param Shah founded Badaboom, a consulting firm offering unique solutions in the IT field. Connect with them via their LinkedIn page or Facebook page.


Jake Celler and Shawn Phan are behind Secure-Centric, offering unique consulting solutions within the Computer, Identity Management, Information Technology, and Network Security industries.


As the name suggests, VaynerCommerce is a one-stop-shop for all eCommerce solutions, adding their distinctive flair to the Apps, Consulting, E-Commerce, and Marketing industries. Stay connected through their social media channels: Facebook and LinkedIn.


Founded by Chris Cleveland, ComplyAuto provides IT consulting and software solutions dedicated to automotive compliance.


Dosen operates within the Advice, Consulting, and Internet industries. To learn how they combine these disciplines, visit their Facebook page and LinkedIn profile.

Abbaszadeh Enterprises

Abbaszadeh Enterprises, founded by Reza Abbaszadeh, is a conglomerate of companies dedicated to helping businesses and individuals find financial success. They operate within the domains of Business Development, Consulting, Real Estate Investment, Software, and Venture Capital. Connect with Abbaszadeh Enterprises on their social media: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Yoga Ed.

Founded by Brynne Caleda and Julia Bond, Yoga Ed. is an educational company that provides tools which help educators and children feel better, operating within the Consulting, Education, Health Care, Training, and Wellness industries. Stay connected through their social media: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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