Spotlight on Las Vegas-based Real Estate Startups Revolutionizing US Industry

January 28, 2024

Introduction to Innovative US Startups

In today’s entrepreneurial environment, we’ve observed a surge of innovative startups springing up across diverse industries in the United States. These endeavors are disrupting industries, offering fresh perspectives, pioneering technologies, and delivering ingenious solutions to familiar and novel challenges alike. The city of Las Vegas, Nevada, better known for its grand casinos and vibrant night life, is also becoming a hub for such indomitable spirit and ceaseless innovation, particularly in the real estate sector.

This article turns the spotlight on some of the most exciting startups that have popped up in the Las Vegas real estate industry since 2020. These companies are revolutionizing the industry with their diverse offerings – whether it’s helping people retire better with smart property choices, innovating real estate brokerage, creating unified platforms for property data or crafting events to foster connection and innovation in the sector. Here’s a rundown of some these trailblazing startups.

We’ve carefully selected each company based on its entrepreneurial spirit, innovative thinking, and potential for impacting the real estate industry. For each startup, you will find information on its mission, founders, location, and company industry, complete with links to websites and social media profiles. So, come along for a virtual tour of these innovative real estate businesses flourishing in the heart of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Founded by Matiah Fischer in 2020, is an online platform showcasing real estate properties aimed to revolutionize investment for a better retirement. The enterprise is located in Las Vegas and aims to help individuals have a more enjoyable and financially secure retirement. Follow them on Facebook.


First&Sold is an innovative venture by Nuri Caplinger and Travis French that has breathed fresh life into the traditional real estate brokerage market. Their website houses their flagship program, “Buy Before You Sell”, which helps homeowners secure their new homes before selling their old ones, offering a hassle-free transition experience. You can follow their journey on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Utopia Communities

Co-founded by Grant Smith, Utopia Communities aims to become the ‘Google of Real Estate’. This innovative startup operates in many different fields, including autonomous vehicles, commercial real estate, and more. You can follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Founded by Oana Miller and Todd Miller, ReferralCloud addresses a void in the real estate market with a unique cloud-based solution. Their platform simplifies the system of real estate agent referrals, ensuring that professionals giving referrals are rewarded appropriately.

Hatrak Commercial

Hatrak Commercial is a commercial real estate specialist based in Las Vegas, offering buyer, landlord, tenant, and seller representation, alongside property management and real estate syndication services. You can follow their journey on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Founded by Conan Wu, 1stHm operates in the realms of architecture, construction, and consumer real estate. It aims to transform living experiences with its unique architectural designs and ideas. Learn more about them on LinkedIn.


PropertyIQ is a real estate startup that provides consumers with accurate and up-to-date property data in understandable language. Their reports offer all the information you need to make informed decisions, whether you’re a buyer, seller, or merely researching the market. You can connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Founded by Blake Owens and Zinan Xing in 2022, Agrippa serves the collective needs of CRE Sponsors, Brokers, and Capital Sources. With a fleet of innovative technology solutions, the platform addresses the real estate industry’s key challenges. Learn more about them on LinkedIn.

MoRe 2.0 Conference

The MoRe 2.0 (Money & Real Estate) Conference is a unique venture in the finance and real estate space. It’s a three-day event where financial and real estate professionals come together to exchange ideas and best practices, create strategies to combat fraud, and gain insights from experts. You can follow it on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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