Spotlight on Los Angeles: US E-Commerce Startups Shaping the Digital Marketplace

January 29, 2024

Los Angeles, known for Hollywood and its panoramic beaches, is rapidly becoming a hotbed for startups in the tech industry. With diverse sectors like fashion, entertainment, health, beauty, and e-commerce thriving, the city has silently fueled its startup ecosystem to produce promising ventures. This article focuses on 12 LA-based startups founded in 2020 that are reshaping the e-commerce scene in their unique ways.

These California-born businesses have taken online retail to another level, dealing with everything from cosmetics, furniture, and cannabis to interactive content creation. Each of these startups, operating against the backdrop of one of the largest economies globally, is a testament to the boundless creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit found in the Golden State.

Let’s delve into these dynamic startups, explore their missions, aims, and the passionate people behind them.

Thirteen lune

Thirteen Lune, founded by Nyakio Grieco and Patrick Herning, is an online beauty platform that amplifies Black and brown-owned brands. Though only a year old, this e-commerce startup has already made a significant impact. Offering a diverse range of beauty products categorized by skincare, haircare, make-up, and body, Thirteen Lune is gradually cementing its position in the beauty and cosmetics industry. (Source)


Amuse is not just another cannabis delivery company; it’s a e-retail platform striving to redefine the cannabis purchasing experience. Offering over 500 products including flower, pre-rolls, vaporizers, and gummies, Amuse delivers premium service products safely and conveniently. Founded by Alex Becker, Drew Keslowitz, George Durzi, and Joey Brown, Amuse is transforming the image of cannabis consumption. (Source)


With an approach that’s both proactive and science-driven, Arey focuses on grey hair and its associated taboos. Their functional beauty line includes supplements, serums, shampoos, and conditioners designed to restore hair health and reduce the likelihood of increased grey hair growth.


Obsesh is the first all-inclusive web3 peer-to-peer digital sports marketplace connecting super fans to top athletes. Founded by Jonalyn Morris and Tracy Benson, this woman-led company is transforming how athletes interact with fans and building their futures. (Source)


Mustard is a haven for food lovers. The app allows users to browse and order food through videos. Designed by David Tolioupov and Diana Might, Mustard uses AI to enhance the food ordering experience. (Source)


Arrow is a mobile commerce platform that simplifies the sale of large items. Created by Charles Anderson and Logan Murphy, it provides an integrative CRM solution that powers businesses into the digital world. (Source)


An online interior design platform, Companion helps people with renovation or multi-room design projects. Through personalised advice and unbiased recommendations, Companion enables users to save time, money, and create spaces that truly feel like home. (Source)


Offering live-streaming and shopping services, Lalabox is a vibrant mobile app that amalgamates leisure and retail. Co-founded by Kirill Avery and Yurii Yatsenko, this firm promises an innovative way to shop online. (Source)

The Media Brands

The Media Brands is an internet company creating content-driven platforms across various sectors, including medical, legal, finance, beauty, and lifestyle. This company proves that e-commerce isn’t strictly retail; it can also be information. (Source)


Cerqular offers an immersive shopping experience with a selection of sustainable goods. Their range of products includes fashion, beauty, home, and lifestyle, serving as an eco-conscious consumer’s dream. (Source)

Social Snowball

With the intersection of advertising, affiliate marketing, and e-commerce, Social Snowball provides users with a comprehensive platform to advertise and sell. The company’s bold innovation is indicative of modern marketing strategies. (Source)

Each startup brings a unique innovation to LA’s entrepreneurial landscape, expanding the potential and possibilities of e-commerce. From cosmetics to cannabis, these entities are setting unparalleled precedents for the future of online retail.

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