Spotlight on New York-Based PR Startups Revolutionizing US Industry

January 26, 2024

In today’s ever-changing business ecosystem, the role of Public Relations (PR) has become more critical than ever. As the world continues to navigate through digital transformation, new startups are emerging, leveraging innovative approaches to disrupt the traditional PR industry. Here, we explore fascinating PR startups headquartered in New York, with their inception date being 2020 or later, offering unique services and solutions to their clients.

These startups are transforming the PR space, offering businesses new ways to engage with audiences and make a lasting impression. Given the global, digitized society we live in, these startups understand that a well-executed PR strategy must reflect changing consumer behaviors, perceptions and needs. Beyond merely conveying a brand’s message to the public, they’re innovating ways to bridge the gap between brands and consumers in a more personalized and customer-intimate manner.

From AI-driven platforms to marketplace solutions, these startups have been selected based on their forward-thinking nature, the solutions they offer, and the potential impact their contributions will have in shaping the future of public relations amidst the digital age. Let’s dive in and get to know them better.


Started by Lara Vandenberg in 2020, Publicist is revolutionizing the marketing and advertising world by offering an online marketplace where businesses can find pre-vetted marketing and communication professionals to suit their needs. More than 2,000 experts are available for hire, catering to a variety of companies, from startups to Fortune 500 brands. Connect with them through LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

Equals 5

With an aim to make a mark in the electronics and PR sector, Equals 5 is a startup to watch. Even though the company seems to be in its early stages, their potential to succeed in the industry is immense. Learn more about them on their LinkedIn and Facebook pages.

Haus of Jaeger

Founded by Elle Von Jaeger, Haus of Jaeger is a multi-division strategy consulting firm that offers unrivaled management consulting services in the realm of luxury and fashion. Their expertise spans across various domains such as e-commerce, digital marketing, PR, global marketing communications, and much more. Connect with them on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.


Quoleady is a digital marketing firm committed to assisting SaaS businesses’ growth. They offer content planning, promotion, consultation, link development, and authoring services and are distinguished by a research-intensive approach to identify lucrative content opportunities. Stay updated through their LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook pages.

MAP360 Collective

MAP360 Collective, spearheaded by Pete Rosenblum, offers a myriad of services spanning media planning and buying, experiential promotions, influencers, public relations, and much more. Their customized solutions cater to both customer and company needs alike. Connect with them on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.


PRophet, created by Aaron Kwittken, is a unique AI-driven platform aiming to make the PR and communication processes more predictable and effective. Its services accommodate media interest, sentiment, and spread predictions before a story is pitched. Find more about them on LinkedIn and Twitter.

The Next Solutions Group

Dealing in public relations and unified communications, The Next Solutions Group is making strides in its respective industry. Learn more about them on their LinkedIn page.

High Roller

High Roller, started by Lucas Genova, is reshaping the entertainment sector by providing full-scale services to influencers, public figures, artists, and entrepreneurs. Connect with them on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.


Founded by Cindy Krupp, StudioBeauty specializes in beauty, wellness, and personal care public relations. Their team of experts crafts brand stories, establishes thought leaders, and builds communities through various channels. Find out more on their LinkedIn and Twitter pages.

AtoD Public Relations

AtoD Public Relations offers an array of services, from drafting press releases to secure earned business and consumer press and strategizing product launches. They are champions in communicating brand messages and positioning products and executives. Stay updated with them through LinkedIn and Twitter.

Speak On Podcasts

Founded by Mark Colgan, Speak On Podcasts combines advertising, brand marketing, and public relations to make a unique service offering. More information about them is available on their LinkedIn page.

In conclusion, these startups represent the wave of innovation sweeping across the PR industry. By leveraging technology and new ideas, they demonstrate how the sector continues to evolve to effectively meet the dynamic needs of its audience in the digital age.

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