Spotlight on New York’s Pioneering US-Based Blockchain Startups

January 27, 2024

As the world moves towards a digital future, there has been a rise in innovative startups operating in the burgeoning field of Blockchain. This sector, marked by its disruptive potential, is redefining the way we transact and exchange value. From finance to real estate, various industries are undergoing a transformation, thanks to the capabilities of Blockchain. This article showcases a curated selection of New York-based startups, operational since 2020, that are shaping the future of Blockchain technology.

These startups are not just navigating the complex landscape of Blockchain but are also providing cutting-edge solutions that redefine traditional processes. With their innovative approaches, these companies are pioneering new paths in this rapidly evolving industry. Let’s delve into the unique features, operations, and vision of these companies.

In no particular order, here are startups that are shaping the future of Blockchain technology:


Founded by Stephen Robinson and Trevor Bacon, Parcl is an innovative startup that leverages Blockchain technology to revolutionize the real estate industry. By developing a digital real estate protocol, Parcl aims to streamline the traditional processes of the industry, bringing efficiency and transparency. The company’s digital real estate protocol enables seamless and effective transactions, changing the way we view the real estate market. Connect with them on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Serum, a Blockchain startup based in New York, aims to deliver the world’s first completely on-chain cryptocurrency ecosystem. This unique ecosystem boasts trustless trading and is a product of Project Serum’s collaboration with a consortium of crypto trading and DeFi experts. Serum’s decentralization gives it an edge, allowing users to leverage this groundbreaking technology. Engage with them on Twitter and Facebook.

Slope Finance

Founded by Leal Cheung, Slope Finance is a technologically advanced startup centralizing on building a mobile decentralized exchange and wallet. From asset management to token swaps, the platform offers an array of features, including access to Solana Pay, decentralized finance, and non-fungible tokens. Slope Finance’s full-stack platform boasts speed, near-zero transaction fees, and an intuitive interface that sets it apart. Follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Notional Finance

Co-founded by Jeff Wu and Teddy Woodward, Notional Finance, is a significant innovation in crypto-assets lending and borrowing. This decentralized protocol allows stablecoins’ lending and borrowing at fixed interest rates for fixed terms, using a primitive called fCash. This protocol’s flexibility allows for the addition of more asset types for lending and borrowing and broadens the protocol’s scope over time. Keep up with their updates on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

North Island Ventures

Founded by Glenn Hutchins, James Hutchins, and Travis Scher, North Island Ventures is at the forefront of fostering the next generation of successful blockchain-based enterprises. Positioned in the intersection of Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Enterprise Software, and Fintech, this venture has set a primacy on nurturing and funding startups ambitious in their myriad areas. Engage with them on Twitter and LinkedIn.

mrgn labs

Headed by MacBrennan Peet, mrgn labs focuses on democratizing essential financial infrastructure for the betterment of mankind. Stay connected with them on LinkedIn.


Founded by Teddy Pejoski, Enzyme provides no-code access to Web3 and allows creators and businesses to develop and implement smart contracts. It plans to enable people to design smart contract interactions across multiple blockchains. Connect with them on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Collectible Holdings

Evan Vandenberg initiated Collectible Holdings, a Blockchain startup that focuses on the collectibles industry.


Operator, Founded by David Shi and Kevin Joo, is making waves in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. This New York based startup offers a series of developer tools that streamline various processes in the ecosystem, providing users with efficient solutions that redefine the transactional landscape. Stay updated on their progress via Twitter and LinkedIn.

Scarce City

Scarce City is a unique marketplace that uses Bitcoin technology to sell Bitcoin-related artworks for Bitcoin. Follow them on Twitter.


Founded by Jesse Walden and Spencer Noon, Variant is a web3-focused early-stage fund. Believing that the next iteration of the internet will turn consumers into owners, this firm is driving transformational change in the industry. Connect with them on Twitter and LinkedIn.

In conclusion, these startups are pushing the boundaries of conventional systems and introducing novel solutions in the Blockchain space. Their continued innovation promises a future where Blockchain technology is no longer an anomaly but a standard for business operations.

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