Spotlight on New York’s Rising Stars in Legal Tech Startups

January 30, 2024

The bustling city of New York has always been known as a hub for entrepreneurship and innovation. In recent years, it has also become a fertile ground for the emergence of various technology-focused startups in the legal industry. These startups leverage the power of technology to reform and simplify the legal process, making it more efficient and accessible to all. This article will provide an overview of some of the most promising legal tech startups based in New York, founded in 2020 or later.


Founded by Emre Ozen, Ozan Yalti, and James Ding, DraftWise specializes in document management and enterprise software intended for use in the legal industry. The firm uses its tools in the domain of knowledge management and business intelligence to support law firms in generating high-quality contracts rapidly. Clients can also customize the security to meet their specific needs. Learn more about DraftWise on their LinkedIn and Facebook pages.


Trustate, founded by Leah Del Percio and Tara Faquir, is a Fintech company aiming to simplify estate administration. By combining technology and human interaction, Trustate has developed a comprehensive platform that assists lawyers and wealth managers in efficiently settling the estates of their clients’ deceased loved ones. You can connect with Trustate on LinkedIn and Facebook.


Optimalex, founded by Frank S. Giaoui, offers legal tech and predictive analytics software solutions. Optimalex’s mission is to streamline legal processes through the power of technology. More information can be found on their LinkedIn page.

Rolnick Kramer Sadighi

Rolnick Kramer Sadighi delivers compliance, consulting, and legal solutions to their clients. This firm is committed to helping businesses navigate the complexities of legal compliance and consulting. Discover more about the company on their LinkedIn page.

SDK Heiberger

Co-founded by Jamie Harrison and Steven Sperber, SDK Heiberger offers consulting, legal, professional services, and real estate solutions. Connect with SDK Heiberger on LinkedIn, Facebook, or follow their tweets at @sdkhlaw.

Quantiv Risk

Quantiv Risk, an insurtech company founded by Andrew Nelson, Eugene Lee, and Mike Nelson, is dedicated to making auto accident liability analysis more objective. By leveraging data and analytics, they work with insurers, OEMs, manufacturers, and consumers. Check out Quantiv Risk’s LinkedIn or follow them at @QuantivRiskInc on Twitter.

Xu Law Group

Founded by Toni Xu, Xu Law Group offers legal services for international and immigrant entrepreneurs. They pride themselves in their unique cross-disciplinary approach to legal matters. Make sure to check their LinkedIn and Facebook profiles for more details.


Founded by Austin Cassidy, Jordan Cassidy, and Spencer Cassidy, LifeLegacy is a digital estate planning platform with a software suite that includes a fully online last will & testament tool. You can follow them on LinkedIn at @GetLifeLegacy.


Founded by Sergio Suarez, AsisVisa prides itself as the first automated web assistant in preparing Immigration forms. Learn more about the company on LinkedIn or visit their Facebook page.


Loio is AI-powered software created to streamline contract drafting and review in Microsoft Word. Lawyers and legal professionals can use Loio to obtain a clear document structure and high-level contract insights instantly. Loio can be found on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter at @loio_legal.


ZenLaw provides due diligence, accounting, and audit operation services using artificial intelligence. With ZenLaw’s AI, all documents are organized and monitored, making tasks accounting and lease abstraction more manageable. Learn about ZenLaw through their LinkedIn profile.

These startups are paving the way for a new era in the legal industry, ingraining technology into their core operations to make the legal process more efficient and accessible. As they continue to grow and innovate, the legal industry’s future seems brighter than ever.

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