Spotlight on New York’s Rising Stars in U.S Digital Marketing Startups

January 25, 2024

Over the past year, numerous digital marketing startups have been emerging all across the United States. Known for its dynamic and fast-paced tech scene, New York City is home to many of these innovative companies. Today, we’re spotlighting 12 New York-based startups – all established in 2020 or later – that are making waves in the digital marketing industry and beyond. From marketplace ecosystems to global creative agencies, the scope of these companies is vast, yet they all have one crucial feature in common: the power to digitally transform businesses with innovative marketing strategies and solutions.

Carving out a unique niche in the global digital marketing landscape, these startups are not only adopting traditional marketing practices but also pioneering new trends. They are harnessing the power of technology to develop creative strategies and make sophisticated advancements in the sectors they operate. They are helping businesses to reach their audiences more effectively, generate leads, improve their online reputation and achieve superior results.

All of the companies listed below were founded in 2020, a challenging year marked by a global pandemic. However, these startups seized the opportunity to provide innovative solutions to businesses looking to navigate the challenges brought about by the accelerated transition to digital. Let’s delve into the brilliant work they have been doing.


A unique marketplace for private companies, ClearList is a recent addition to New York’s financial technology scene. Founded in 2020, ClearList offers access to a vast network of investors interested in investing in successful private companies by establishing real-time, transparent price discovery based on actual investor sentiment. Learn more on their Linkedin page.

Global Commerce Media

Specializing in Digital Marketing, Web Design and Web Development, Global Commerce Media helps businesses establish strong online presences. Connect with them on Facebook, or LinkedIn.


MACH9 is a technology and digital marketing firm that helps regulated industries control their online narrative and break free from digital echo chambers. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook or connect with them on LinkedIn.

Haus of Jaeger

Haus of Jaeger is a premier multi-division strategy consulting firm specialized in luxury & fashion industry. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook or connect with them on LinkedIn.


Engaging interactions between businesses and customers is the core capability of Seen Media Group. Follow them on Facebook or connect with them on LinkedIn.


Quoleady is a digital marketing firm on a mission to help grow SaaS companies. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook or connect with them on LinkedIn.


Amplifyer is a digital consultancy and rep firm hybrid, focused on partnering with unique and differentiated start-ups. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook or connect with them on LinkedIn.

Palermo Studio

Palermo Studio is a Global Creative agency supporting brand growth through intelligent strategy, design & content. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

Piqual Inc.

Specialising in digital marketing, Piqual Inc. carries out advertising, content marketing, and SEO amongst other services. Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.


Locron is a New York-based digital marketing startup operating in the E-Commerce Platforms, Information Technology and Web Apps sectors. Connect with them on Facebook or LinkedIn.


A specialist in digital marketing and digital media, VForce helps businesses reach their audiences more effectively. Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

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