Spotlight on New York’s Rising US-Based Sports Startups

January 27, 2024

Located in the heart of New York, these startups have only been in operation since 2020 but have already made significant strides in the sports industry. From eSports and gaming to mobile applications and facility management, they represent innovation and potential growth in diverse areas within the industry. Below we present overviews of these dynamic startups, their offerings, and industry positioning to give you a taste of the rising stars in the New York sports industry.


Making heads turn in the eSports, gaming, and mobile application industries, 1v1Me is a platform for video game enthusiasts to engage in one-on-one matches for cash. This 2020 startup was conceived by founders Alexander Emmanuel and Anthony Geranio. Building a community where users can meet and compete, it represents a fresh take on gaming. You can connect with them on @1v1Me, Facebook, and Linkedin.

Athletes Unlimited

Athletes Unlimited, otherwise known as AU, is a repository of leagues in a variety of sports including basketball, softball, volleyball, and lacrosse. This unique platform can be accessed via their website and LinkedIn.


Founded by Derek Chin and Michael Bao, SquadOV is a cutting-edge app allowing users to record their gameplay for sharing and analysis. Perfect for serious gamers, this platform provides an easy way to track performance and share memorable gaming moments. Find them on @squadov, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Boxiz is a sports gaming platform founded by Anthony Micali. It gives gamers the opportunity to earn cash while playing their favorite sports or eSports. Follow them on Twitter at @playboxiz to keep up with their updates.

Bond Sports

Marc Rothschild, Matt Minoff, and Shahar Chaskelevitch founded Bond Sports, a unique venture in facility management for sports. Stay updated on their latest news and offerings via @bond_sports, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Scoutz App

Bridging the gap between athletes and teams across the globe, the Scoutz app uses AI to function as a virtual scout. This innovative startup is Eduardo Antonio Depina’s brainchild. You can follow them on Twitter via @overseasconnect?s=21&t=d06XpF9RmHfdJw1GclpIKQ.

AtPeak Sports

Their mission to help athletes play stronger, perform better, and avoid injuries has driven AtPeak Sports to design a mobile training platform for youth sports. This is a must-follow for those interested in fitness, healthcare, and sports. Connect with them via @AtPeakSports, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Revolutionising the eSport industry is ESPORTS BOX, a platform for B2C and B2B customers to buy eSports accessories and services. This ambitious startup operates across several major cities, offering competitive pricing. Stay connected through their @esportsboxstore Twitter handle and LinkedIn profile.

Extra Salt

Blending gaming with broadcasting, Extra Salt creates a space for professional eSports Athletes, livestreaming, and apparel sales. Keep an eye on their news and updates on @extrasaltgg, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

NYC Chess Connections

Nurture your love for chess with NYC Chess Connections, a not-for-profit that provides coaching and lessons to young enthusiasts. Interact with them via @nycchesscon, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Giving sports fans a unique notification-driven mobile platform is Buzzer. Founded by Bo Han, this startup aims to personalize the discovery of live sports moments. Connect with them through their official @buzzer Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages to stay updated.

Whether you’re an avid sports fan, an eSports enthusiast, or someone interested in the potential and ingenuity of startups, keep these New York-based companies on your radar as they continue to innovate and shape the future of the sports industry.

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