Spotlight on Optometry: The Pioneers of Eye Care in Farmington, ME

July 6, 2023

Knapp Maurice e Od – The Multifaceted Eye Care Provider

Located in the heart of Farmington, Knapp Maurice e Od is a holistic provider for all things eye care. The company offers comprehensive services, including optometry, optical goods retail, and medical equipment supplies. Beyond conventional services, they also provide therapeutic care and help manage various eye conditions, underscoring their commitment to complete patient well-being.

Dr.Troy A Norton Od – Personalized Care and Vision Products

Dr.Troy A Norton Od offers a unique combination of optometry services and eyewear solutions. Customers can expect personalized eye examinations and access to a broad selection of sunglasses and eyewear in their in-house store. This integrated service model ensures customers receive both high-quality medical attention and stylish solutions for their eyewear needs.

Family Optometry – Comprehensive Eye Care for All Ages

Family Optometry caters to the diverse vision needs of all family members. They provide services ranging from basic eye examinations to specialized care and consultations. Additionally, their in-house eyewear store offers a wide range of fashionable and functional eyewear, making them a convenient one-stop-shop for eye health and style.

Northern Eye Care – The Community-Centric Vision Provider

Northern Eye Care, despite its lack of an online presence, remains a trusted name in the community. The company serves as a multifaceted provider, offering not only optometry services but also retailing a range of optical goods and medical equipment. Their local-centric approach has made them a mainstay in Farmington’s optometry landscape.

Tessman Charles M OD – Specialized Optometry at its Finest

Tessman Charles M OD, despite its lack of a website, provides the local community with dedicated optometric services. With a singular focus on eye care, this company has established a reputation for precise and personalized care.

Farmington Thrift Shop – A Unique Destination for Eyewear

The Farmington Thrift Shop, while not primarily an optometry company, offers a unique opportunity for patients seeking second-hand and discount eyewear. They provide a sustainable choice for customers who wish to save money while also reducing their environmental impact.

Dingley Kathryn Optometrist – Comprehensive Eye Care and Therapy

Dingley Kathryn, despite the absence of a website, is a noteworthy provider of eye care in Farmington. Her service offerings encompass not only routine optometry but also therapeutic eye care and retailing of optical goods.

Richard D Brown MD – The Expert Ophthalmologist

Richard D Brown MD has carved out a niche in the local market as a trusted ophthalmologist. His services span from eye care to surgical solutions, addressing the wide range of visual health needs of the community.

Nicholson Robert H Md – Merging Optometry and Ophthalmology

Nicholson Robert H Md brings together the worlds of optometry and ophthalmology. Providing services ranging from eye care to therapeutic solutions, he integrates the best of both specialties for a comprehensive approach to eye health.

William P Beeaker OD – The Visionary Eye Care Specialist

William P Beeaker OD, without an online presence, nevertheless stands out for his extensive offerings in optometry, from general eye care to contact lenses and eyeglasses retail. His multi-disciplinary approach makes him a preferred provider for patients seeking a wide range of services under one roof.

Norridgewock Pawn Shop & Trading Post – Unexpected Eyewear Finds

The Norridgewock Pawn Shop & Trading Post presents an unexpected treasure trove for eyewear enthusiasts. Known for their eclectic mix of second-hand goods, the store occasionally offers discounted eyewear and related accessories, presenting another sustainable and cost-effective option for customers.

Farmington, ME’s vibrant optometry sector is truly a testament to the community’s commitment to eye health and the provision of high-quality care. With a mixture of traditional optometry practices, ophthalmology clinics, and unconventional providers, the town’s residents have an array of options for their vision needs. Whether seeking comprehensive eye examinations, corrective eyewear, or specialized care, Farmington offers a rich blend of service providers eager to cater to every visual need.

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