Spotlight on Plano: Exploring US-Based Information Technology Startups

January 29, 2024

The recent startup boom in the United States, particularly in the Information Technology sector, is noteworthy. This boom has given rise to a large number of startups that have been recently established, particularly in the year 2020 and onwards. Many of these thriving startups are situated in Plano, Texas, an epicenter of technological innovation and economic growth. This article aims to shed light on these startups, displaying each company’s vision, mission, and services. It also brings forth the inspiring founders laying the groundwork for technological advancement in Plano. Here are some notable startups.


Founded by Edward Roske, Argano specializes in Information Services, Information Technology, and Management Consulting. It aims to build intelligent and frictionless digital operating platforms that make businesses run better. With a vision clearly meant for the Digital Renaissance, their idea is to help companies think differently about how they deploy and manage people, processes, and technology. Website | Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn

Medigence Health

Another Plano-based startup operating in the Health Care, Health Diagnostics, Information Technology, and Telecommunications sector is Medigence Health. Their firm is committed to providing innovative solutions in health diagnostics and care. Website | Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn

GiniLytics IT Solutions

GiniLytics IT Solutions, founded by Pralyankar Kumar Singh, provides software development and IT services. From hosting, migrations, business consultation, custom web and mobile development, they’ve got everything covered. Website | Facebook | LinkedIn


MemSAN is yet another Plano, Texas-based startup. Founded by Cashton Coleman, MemSAN provides a powerful in-memory storage area network designed for the ultimate in storage performance for dynamic data workloads. Website | Twitter | LinkedIn


ChangeCX, with Aman Bedi as a founder, aims to prioritize the customer experience. They believe that the most successful retailers today and in the future will be the ones who focus on the shopper’s journey. Website | Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn


This Plano-based startup specializes in Information Services and Information Technology. CX100 offers a broad range of solutions from awareness to advocacy and competes with digital design and development companies. Website | Twitter | LinkedIn

Black Magic Creative

Black Magic Creative specializes in Graphic Design, Information Technology, and Web Design. They strive to deliver creative and functional designs that engage audiences and drive results. Website | Twitter | LinkedIn

Exploring these burgeoning startups gives an insight into the innovative, disruptive ideas being played out in the IT industry in Plano, Texas. With new ideas, technologies, and solutions, these startups provide a glimpse of the promising advancements in the tech industry.

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