Spotlight on San Diego-Based Manufacturing Startups Transforming US Industry

January 26, 2024

The dynamic city of San Diego fosters an environment conducive to innovative startups. Diving into the manufacturing industry, we uncover a group of promising startups with a 2020 inception or later, these companies are making waves with their distinctive products and services. These San Diego-based startups represent a diverse range of sectors, including health care, cosmetics, dietary supplements, recreation, renewable energy, industrial materials, skin care, medical equipment, product research, and electronics.

Ranging from companies with a focus on sustainability like VYX to those prioritizing health like Luna Diabetes and Exocel Bio, these emerging businesses are channeling progressive solutions to meet industry demands and to advance the growth of the manufacturing industry in the United States. In a time of global pandemic, these startups stand as an inspiration proving that innovation and entrepreneurial spirit can thrive, even amidst a global crisis.

With distinct vision, strong leadership and a commitment to innovation, these startups have carved a niche in the competitive manufacturing industry and are poised to make a lasting impact. Let’s take a closer look at these startups.

Luna Diabetes

Luna Diabetes is focused on health care, manufacturing, medical devices, and pharmaceutical sectors. Its efforts to enhance health care especially in the area of diabetes sets it apart in this sector.
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Exocel Bio

Operating within the beauty, biotechnology, cosmetics, and manufacturing sectors, Exocel Bio pushes the boundaries of beauty and health care with its unique products.
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With a focus on dietary supplements, manufacturing, nutrition, and wellness, Fatty15 was co-founded by Stephanie Venn-Watson. This company offers a unique line of products that cater to those looking to improve their nutritional intake.
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Pool Punisher

Pool Punisher operates in the manufacturing, recreation, sporting goods, swimming, and water industries, providing recreational and sporting products that improve the joy and experience of swimming.


VYX is deeply invested in manufacturing, recycling, and renewable energy. The company aims to create a sustainable alternative for classic longboard fins made from recycled plastic materials.


Founded by Ariel Gorelik, HEMP 26 operates in the manufacturing industry, producing a variety of hemp-based products.

Bella Marble

Bella Marble operates within the building material, industrial, manufacturing sectors, bringing high-quality and elegant building materials to the market.

KaramMD Skin

KaramMD Skin, founded by Amir Karam in 2021, operates in the beauty, cosmetics, and manufacturing industry, offering skin care products to end consumers.


NXTSTIM, operating in the manufacturing, medical device, and neuroscience industry, is dedicated to creating medical devices design services using novel battery technology, digital software platforms, related products and services.
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Neurok Thermocon

Co-founded by Vadim Asadov in 2021, Neurok Thermocon is an R&D company that operates in the hardware, manufacturing, and product research sectors. It develops a cost-effective and scalable manufacturing process for LHP.

Fine Electronic Assembly

Fine Electronic Assembly, operating in the electronics, manufacturing, and supply chain management industry, is focused on delivering high-quality electronic components.

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