Spotlight on San Diego: US Consulting Startups Making Waves

January 30, 2024

With the disruption of the market dynamics brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 and beyond has seen a new wave of startups in the consulting industry. San Diego, California, known for its vibrant startup scene, is no exception. These startups bring fresh perspectives and innovative solutions to various sectors, including health care, legal, IT, finance, and more. This feature will spotlight several noteworthy, recent San Diego consultancies that deserve your attention.

These new-age consultancies are not only maximizing the abundant technological resources available but are also tailoring their service to various industries, ensuring that all their clients receive personalized solutions that are sure to deliver results. With that in mind, let’s explore the exceptional startups of San Diego’s consulting industry, each with its unique approach to problem-solving and deep commitment to client success.

Here are some notable startups that have made a name for themselves within a short span and are set to revolutionize the consulting industry:

Core Virtual Solutions

Aiming to grow and serve international virtual communities, Core Virtual Solutions provides virtual assistants for a range of sectors, from health care to business coaching. Their mission is to streamline business processes, allowing companies to focus on their central operations. Find them on Facebook and Linkedin.

Centered Mind Therapy

Combining consulting with wellness and health care, Centered Mind Therapy aims to provide therapeutic solutions that promote mental resilience and enduring mind health. Follow their journey on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Mehlman Jacobs

Specializing in legal and management consulting, Mehlman Jacobs provides expert insight and strategic advice to help clients navigate their business landscapes. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

Agency Sidekicks

Founded by Nicholas C. Deck, Agency Sidekicks provides consulting services in the realms of outsourcing, recruiting, and staffing, helping businesses find the right talent. Here’s how you can connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


ROSSI BIXBY + ASSOCIATES offers consulting services for biotech companies. They provide solutions for the health, food, environment, and security sectors, including services like technology analysis and new product development. Get to know them better on LinkedIn.

Woodson Wealth Management

If financial consulting is what you require, take a look at Woodson Wealth Management. They provide expert financial services, helping you manage and grow your wealth. Stay updated with their work on LinkedIn.

Aero IT

For businesses looking for IT consulting, Aero IT provides robust IT management solutions. Get to know them better on Facebook and LinkedIn.


For businesses interested in reducing their digital risk, Unrisk provides consultation services in cyber security. They can be reached on LinkedIn.

Lifelong Enterprises

Lifelong Enterprises offers services to help organizations facilitate change and achieve their vision. They specialize in tasks such as hotel site selection, sales design, and customer relationship management. Follow their journey on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Founded by McClain Thiel, WEALTHAWK specializes in wealth management consulting services. They can be found on LinkedIn.

Algeon Materials

Algeon Materials, founded by Kim Pendergrass and Rose Fein, is on a mission to fight climate change and reduce plastic pollution by creating plastic alternatives for leading brands. They leverage ocean-derived materials like kelp to create sustainable bio-innovative materials. Find out more on their LinkedIn.

These startups, though newly formed, are rapidly carving out their niches within their industries. Their innovative approaches and commitment to excellence ensure that they stand at the forefront of the consulting industry in San Diego. We look forward to their continued growth and success in the coming years.

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