Spotlighting Columbia’s Emerging US-Based Analytics Startups: Innovations and Impact

January 2, 2024

As we continue our series highlighting exceptional startups across the United States, we shift our focus to the realm of analytics, a field that has seen substantial growth and innovation in recent years. In this article, we’ll introduce you to some of the most promising analytics startups, housed in Columbia, that took their initial steps in or after 2020. These firms are leveraging modern technology and innovative business models to reshape the landscape of their industry.

From artificial intelligence and machine learning to big data and cybersecurity, these startups cover a wide range of specialties within the broader analytics realm. Despite their nascent stage, they have already contributed significantly to their respective sectors by successfully identifying and addressing industry-specific problems.

Quality data and its accurate interpretation are essential for strategic decision-making in a constantly evolving global business environment. These startups, through their groundbreaking analytics services, are enabling other businesses and organizations to harness the power of data in their operations.


Datalytix is an emerging player in the analytics, information technology and software industry. Their online presence can be explored on LinkedIn and @DatalytixGlobal on Twitter.


Operating at the intersection of analytics, events, and non-profit activities, fp21 is making significant inroads in its industry. Connect with them via Facebook, Twitter, or their LinkedIn page.


Schoolytics is an education-focused analytics startup that integrates artificial intelligence, data integration, and machine learning technologies to enhance student engagement. The startup was co-founded by Aaron Wertman and Courtney Monk. More details about Schoolytics can be found on their LinkedIn page.


DataDistillr is a comprehensive platform for data scientists offering powerful tools to understand and manage cybersecurity threats. This startup was founded by Charles Givre. More about DataDistillr can be learned from their LinkedIn page or by following them on Twitter.

Aerial Vantage

Aerial Vantage is creating new avenues in the aerospace, analytics, and software industry with a unique focus on unmanned aviation. Get connected with them on LinkedIn.


SnapAttack, co-founded by Fred Frey and Tim Nary, offers an exceptional platform for cybersecurity teams with robust behavioral analytics capabilities. Stay updated with SnapAttack on Twitter or on their LinkedIn page.


Direcon, founded by Buğra Kaan Ayaz, is a social audio analytics platform that is increasingly trusted by brands, influencers, agencies, and individuals. Check their updates on Twitter or visit their LinkedIn page for more information.

BlueWing Ventures

BlueWing Ventures operates in cybersecurity, geospatial technology, and predictive analytics sectors, supporting their portfolio companies through various stages of growth. Get all the details about the company from its LinkedIn page and stay updated via Twitter.


DefiSherpa, founded by Amir Beheshtian and Maximillian Fox, is a web 3.0 data and analytics company that aggregates data from web 3.0 products and services. Connect with DefiSherpa through their Twitter profile or LinkedIn page.

Civic Marketplace

A Marketplace that match solutions with 1-click buy and a 100% legal compliance. Solving a slice of the city technology procurement problem by allowing local government to share their best solutions, discover other’ solutions and easily buy proven technology products and services. Check out their updates on LinkedIn.

Mad Hatter AI

With a focus on analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning, Mad Hatter AI is carving a unique space for itself in the industry. You can get to know more about them on their LinkedIn page or by following their Twitter handle.

These startups exemplify the varied realms of analytics applications. As these companies grow, they are bound to influence not only their industry but also the way we understand and utilize data. We look forward to observing their evolutions and contributions.

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