Spotlighting Innovative Atlanta-Based Internet Startups Transforming the U.S. Digital Landscape

January 28, 2024

Atlanta, a vibrant city known for its rich history, arts and culture, is more recently making waves as a thriving startup scene in the United States. It has especially witnessed a surge of startups that officially made their debut in or after 2020, many of which operate in the Internet industry. This wave of innovation, driven by entrepreneurial passion and facilitated by a supportive startup ecosystem, is transforming Atlanta into a magnet for dynamic Internet startups. Let’s explore some of these promising companies that are shaping the future of the Internet industry in Atlanta.

SameTunes, a technology brand specializing in music discovery solutions, is a great example. Founded by Marc Frankel and co, it leverages the power of the Internet to offer online comparison, compatibility, and discovery for music lovers. This innovative setup exemplifies how modern startups are disrupting traditional industries with smart solutions. Further information can be found at their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

DemoBlox is another innovative startup looking to empower sales professionals by offering customer-facing solutions. Co-founded by Brian Fisher and Peter Kim, DemoBlox plans to change how sales are made by helping businesses showcase their products to target customers in a more efficient way. You can check more about DemoBlox on their LinkedIn handle.

When it comes to group decision-making, Squeet has brought some fresh air with its unique app. Conceptualized by Alejandro Campos Villacres, this platform has made group decisions simpler and less stressful. For more about Squeet, you can follow their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Moving to the e-commerce sector, Atlanta gave birth to firstmovr in 2020. Not much is known about the company at the moment apart from its deep roots in the e-commerce ecosystem. More details about firstmovr can be found on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

In the field of publishing, Tissue Online is an emerging internet startup. Founded by Felipe Quintino, it provides valuable news and information focusing on the tissue industry. For further information, follow their Facebook and LinkedIn handles.

When it comes to funding platforms, Grit is another Atlanta-based startup making waves. Founded by Justin Sampson and Rodney Sampson, Grit is all about crowdfunding and impact investing in the Internet and STEM education sectors. Check out more about the company on their LinkedIn profile.

Political Changers, founded by Jerome Burch, is an online social networking service dedicated to News & Politics 24/7. The platform aims to increase political interactions between local and national leaders. The startup can be found on its LinkedIn page for more information.

On the employment front, Jobs Marketplace offers an ecosystem for college students to tap into the gig economy led by Ford Coleman. The startup aims to be the go-to destination for students to buy & sell products and services. Connect with Jobs Marketplace on Facebook and LinkedIn.

In the realm of Software Engineering, Switchboard is making a name for itself in the startup scene. Built by Brent Summers and Philip Lakin, this ingenious platform provides error monitoring and incident response for Zapier and Make. Find more about Switchboard on their LinkedIn page.

Another Atlanta-based startup that offers employee scheduling solutions is ImIn. The ImIn app helps organizations grow by saving time and money and allowing teams to work flexibly. Discover more about ImIn on their LinkedIn page.

Last but not least, Switch is a startup founded in 2021. It is devoted to promoting impactful and intentional connections that go beyond the swipe culture of modern love. Visit their LinkedIn page to learn more about their work.

The internet companies showcased above underline Atlanta’s robust and varied startup scene, which continues to evolve. From decision-making apps to music discovery platforms, the Internet startups based in Atlanta are pushing boundaries, underscoring the city’s position as a startup powerhouse.

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