Spotlighting LA-Based Mobile Startups Transforming the US Tech Landscape

January 27, 2024

In a world moving increasingly towards mobile and digital platforms, startups are paving the way for innovation and change. For our US-based readers, we would like to launch a series of articles shedding light on some of the most promising startups of 2020 and beyond, operating in the mobile industry. These startups, all based in Los Angeles, California, offer an array of services ranging from health care platforms to music discovery tools. They are pushing boundaries in their respective industries, redefining user experiences and raising the bar for what consumers can expect from mobile solutions. Please note that all company names throughout this article are direct links to their respective websites.


Flossy is a revolutionary dental platform that offers patients access to affordable high-quality dental care. Patients can connect directly with dentists through its vast network, easily book an appointment and only pay via the app. At Flossy, they aim to eliminate the confusion of dental insurance by offering a simple pay-as-you-go membership model to deliver high-standard dental care. The company was founded by Miles Beckett and Steve Seigel. You can find them on Twitter at @hiflossy and on Facebook here.

Encore Music Technologies

With founders like Kid Cudi, Ian Edelman, and Jonathan Gray, Encore aims to revolutionize the artists’ monetization strategy in the music industry. Encore is an interactive live music mobile-based platform designed to help artists monetize their connections with fans. The platform provides live music experiences through smartphones, facilitates fan interaction, community-centered content, and offers merchandise to give fans new ways to reward the artists they love. Stay in touch with them on Twitter at @clapforencore or Facebook here.


Founded by Adam Altman, Alec Berg, Bubba Murarka, and Engin Kurutepe, Fika allows for easy and dynamic online video conversations. Its primary function is to facilitate productive and engaging conversations between its users. Follow Fika on Twitter at @terriblepets.


Arrow is a dynamic mobile commerce platform providing solutions that make it easier to conduct big business. Founded by Charles Anderson and Logan Murphy, Arrow offers an all-in-one CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool with features that allow businesses to generate, manage, and organize leads. Their closing process, DealMode, streamlines transactions, ultimately reducing wait times and improving customer experience. Connect with them on Facebook.

Point Fitness Insights

Founded by Kingsley McGowan and Paige Sullivan, Point Fitness Insights is a health data utility tool provider. Their service empowers clients to make informed decisions about their health by analyzing data from wearable devices. The company distinguishes itself by measuring blood, lactate, fat and carbohydrate oxidation responses to exercise across a wide range of users. Stay updated with Point Fitness Insights on @areyouonpoint on Twitter.


Dispo, launched by Daniel Liss, David Dobrik, and Natalie Mariduena, is a unique photo-sharing app that closely simulates the use of a disposable camera. The app aims to bring out the authenticity of images by eliminating the conventional mode of instant photo viewing, and instead waits one day to present the final image. You can check out their latest happenings on Twitter @DispoHQ.


Lalabox is a mobile application that pairs live-streaming and shopping services. Founded by Kirill Avery and Yurii Yatsenko, this application offers an interactive platform where users can watch, stream, share videos while buying and selling various products. Stay connected with Lalabox through their Twitter and Facebook page.


Upward, founded by Osvaldo Rodriguez, is a personal finance app that revolutionizes the way gig workers manage their finances. From Uber drivers to DoorDashers and Instacart shoppers, Upward readily saves every quarter for their tax dues from 1099 income and optimizes their expense and mileage deductions.


If you desire control over your personal data, OKTY is right for you. OKTY helps to save, trade, and earn money from your information by transforming it into an asset. They allow users to interact with brands within the app while trading the users’ data for profit.


El3ment, founded by Jessica Rosenbluth and Leslie Smith, is a mobile application that paves the way for global music discovery and collaboration. Their artist platform meets the needs of brands, synchronization and agencies. El3ment’s vision is to connect musicians and entities via a scalable deal-making platform. Follow el3ment on Twitter at @_el3ment or on Facebook.


Splashmob is a software company that focuses on live events. Their application platform uses tools that allow venues, artists, teams and performers to interact and engage with their audiences in real-time. Based in Los Angeles, California, the company was founded in 2020.

Los Angeles continues to be a hotbed for innovation, with these startups leading the charge. From mobile health platforms to personal finance management tools, these companies are shaping the future of mobile technology. Stay tuned for the continuation of our series as we highlight more US startups breaking barriers across a variety of industries.

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