St. Louis Healthcare Innovators: Rising US Startups Transforming Patient Care

January 27, 2024

St. Louis, Missouri, a city known for its remarkable Gateway Arch, also happens to be a thriving hub for some of the most innovative health care startups in America. Numerous healthcare startups have emerged here over the past couple of years, some of which have been induced by the pandemic and others born of the necessity to deal with long-standing healthcare challenges. This article shines a light on some of such startups that have their headquarters in St. Louis and were founded in 2020 or later, providing innovative solutions and therapies in the health care industry.

These companies are utilizing technologies like real-world health data analytics, sterilization technology, digital media, mobile apps, and more to reinvent the healthcare industry. From preventing surgical infections to developing efficient scheduling systems for healthcare professionals, discovering innovative sterilization technologies, and providing health employee benefits, these startups are making significant strides in transforming the health sector.

Their efforts have not gone unnoticed, with some of them being recognized locally and nationally for their contributions to the healthcare sector. The companies we are about to discuss include CuriMeta, IDEATE Medical, Evernorth, Preventogen, BenefitBump, MindSupply, Stride Therapy and Wellness, Snap Health, Neurosurgery of St. Louis, Vulvupedia, and Buck Surgical.


CuriMeta is a real-world health data firm with a focus on life sciences. They strive to provide comprehensive and accurate data that can impact a company’s decision-making process. To connect with CuriMeta, visit their LinkedIn page.

IDEATE Medical

IDEATE Medical is dedicated to developing sterilization technology for the safe and rapid terminal sterilization of all endoscopic devices, ultimately reducing the infection risk from these procedures.


Evernorth is a health services company that delivers innovative and flexible solutions for health plans, employers, and government programs. They offer services via operating affiliates of Evernorth Health or third-party partners. To get more updates, follow Evernorth on Facebook or check their LinkedIn page.


Preventogen is a healthcare startup by Brad Chartrand that specializes in the development of a polymer for preventing infection and promoting healing. Its FDA-cleared liquid polymer has revolutionized wound care. Stay updated with Preventogen news and updates via their Facebook page and LinkedIn.


BenefitBump strives to improve the wellness of employees through their employer benefits and fitness platform. If you wish to keep abreast of their latest developments, follow them on Facebook, LinkedIn, or check their Twitter handle @benefitbump.


MindSupply, a startup founded by Nathan Bernard, is a mindfulness meditation app that provides sleep sounds, guided meditations, relax melodies, artworks, and poems. Their mobile app is available on the iOS App Store and Google Play. Follow their Facebook page or LinkedIn page for further updates.

Stride Therapy and Wellness

Stride Therapy and Wellness provides a range of services including occupational therapy, speech therapy, early intervention, transition services, parent coaching, and family coaching. Stay updated about them via their Facebook and LinkedIn page.

Snap Health

Snap Health is an online platform that connects home health agencies and clinicians with an easy-to-use system for scheduling visits. To keep up with their updates, visit their Facebook or LinkedIn page. Their Twitter handle is @snaphealth1.

Neurosurgery of St. Louis

Neurosurgery of St. Louis offers treatments for a wide range of neurological disorders. They are dedicated to enhancing patient health care via advanced neurological treatments and solutions. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Focusing on women’s health and nutrition, Vulvopedia develops nutritional plans for women with BV, using video-guided recipes to teach weekly meal plans. Their Twitter handle is @vulvopedia.

Buck Surgical

Buck Surgical, founded by Donald W. Buck II, is actively involved in the medical device sector, working on various innovative solutions for the health care industry.

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