The Craftsmen of Brainerd: Spotlight on Masonry Companies in the Heart of Minnesota

September 5, 2023

The masonry industry has been a cornerstone of construction and design for millennia, providing both structural integrity and aesthetic appeal to buildings and projects. Brainerd, Minnesota, is no exception to this tradition. The city boasts a plethora of skilled masonry contractors, each with their unique specializations and offerings. In this article, we’re taking a closer look at some of these companies that contribute to making Brainerd a hub for masonry excellence.

Cummings Masonry

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Website: Cummings Masonry

Cummings Masonry offers a wide range of services from stone setting and stone cutting to ICF Pord Walls. With a diversified set of offerings, they have positioned themselves as a go-to contractor for complex masonry projects in Brainerd.

Masonry By Hines & Waterproofing

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Website: Masonry By Hines

Masonry By Hines & Waterproofing takes it a notch higher by providing waterproofing services in addition to their regular offerings. A diverse skill set allows them to be versatile in the field, making them a one-stop-shop for concrete and masonry needs.

Vanvickle Masonry LLC

Categories: Concrete contractor, Contractor, Masonry, Concrete Contractors, Concrete Construction, Bricklayer, Masonry Contractors
Website: N/A

Even without a website, Vanvickle Masonry LLC is a well-known name in Brainerd for concrete construction and bricklaying. Their reputation precedes them, often recommended for both residential and commercial projects.

McKay’s Concrete & Masonry

Categories: Masonry contractor
Website: N/A

McKay’s Concrete & Masonry specializes in concrete work, primarily focusing on crafting long-lasting, beautiful surfaces and structures. Their narrowed focus allows them to excel in their niche.

Alters Masonry Incorporated

Categories: Masonry contractor, Contractor, Masonry, Concrete Contractors, Bricklayer, Masonry Contractors, Special Trade Contractors
Website: N/A

Alters Masonry offers a variety of masonry and concrete services, as well as special trade contracting. Their comprehensive skill set makes them a good fit for various kinds of projects, be it residential or commercial.

Polcaro Brick & Stone

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Website: N/A

Polcaro Brick & Stone not only provides masonry services but also acts as a dealer for various building materials. This makes them a complete solution for your building needs, from supplies to execution.

Thompson W W Concrete

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Website: W W Thompson Concrete

As a supplier and dealer, Thompson W W Concrete extends its reach beyond just service provision to include masonry and construction materials. They are a valuable resource for both contractors and DIY enthusiasts.

H&H Masonry LLC

Categories: N/A
Website: H&H Masonry

Though the categories are not specified, H&H Masonry LLC has been a staple in the Brainerd community, trusted for their quality of work.

Tibbetts Concrete Masonry

Categories: Concrete contractor, Concrete Contractors
Website: N/A

Tibbetts Concrete Masonry is specialized in concrete work, with a reputation for reliability and quality.

Callahan Concrete & Masonry

Categories: Concrete contractor
Website: N/A

Callahan Concrete & Masonry is another name to reckon with when it comes to concrete contracting services in Brainerd.

Kapsner Don Concrete Masonry

Categories: Contractor, Concrete Contractors, Concrete Construction
Website: N/A

Kapsner Don Concrete Masonry offers specialized services in concrete construction, making them experts in their field.

Nick’s Concrete & Masonry LLC

Categories: Concrete Contractor, Foundations & Masonry, Foundation Contractor
Website: Nick’s Concrete & Masonry

Nick’s Concrete & Masonry stands out for its detailed and well-articulated services, as outlined on their website. Specializing in concrete and foundation work, their expertise lies in offering high-quality services without compromise.

d & l Concrete and Masonry

Categories: Contractor, Masonry, Concrete Contractors, Concrete Construction, Bricklayer, Masonry Contractors
Website: N/A

d & l Concrete and Masonry is another versatile contractor in Brainerd offering a gamut of services in concrete construction and masonry work.

In conclusion, Brainerd, MN, is home to an array of masonry companies, each with their unique set of skills and specialties. These companies are a testament to the craftsmanship and versatility that the masonry industry brings to the construction world. Whether you’re a homeowner, builder, or contractor, Brainerd offers a rich landscape of masonry services to meet your every need.

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