The Culinary Treasures of Council Bluffs: Exploring Chinese Eateries in the Heart of Iowa

An intimate look at the diverse array of Chinese cuisine and eateries in Council Bluffs, IA.

Beijing Restaurant

A local favorite, the Beijing Restaurant serves classic Chinese dishes in a welcoming ambiance.

China Wok

China Wok promises a delightful dining experience, showcasing a myriad of tantalizing Chinese dishes.

Great Wall Express

Beyond the traditional restaurant, Great Wall Express offers a diverse range of services, ensuring a wholesome experience for patrons.

Bluffs China Buffet

Dive into an ocean of flavors and experience a vast variety of dishes at Bluffs China Buffet.

Panda Express

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  • Categories: Chinese restaurant
  • Description: With a legacy spanning over three decades, Panda Express brings its signature American Chinese cuisine to food enthusiasts.

Taste Of China

Taste Of China lives up to its name, offering a genuine taste of the vast culinary landscape of China.

Great Wall Express

  • Categories: Chinese Restaurant

A beloved local haunt, Great Wall Express caters to those craving traditional Chinese flavors.

China Taste

China Taste promises an unforgettable gustatory journey into the heart of Chinese cuisine.

Panda House Chinese Restaurant

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Panda House offers a culinary experience that stretches beyond the plate, ensuring every guest leaves with a lasting impression.

Mandarin Express

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Embark on a culinary expedition with Mandarin Express, which offers an authentic taste of China’s diverse regions.


Experience the harmonious blend of traditional and modern Chinese cuisines at SHANG-HAI.

Yummy 365

Savor the essence of Mandarin cuisine at Yummy 365, a gem in Council Bluffs.

China Garden

China Garden weaves a tapestry of flavors, offering both traditional Chinese dishes and contemporary sushi creations.

Dragon 88

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A veritable treasure trove, Dragon 88 is a confluence of culinary delights and avant-garde design elements.

Rice Bowl Chinese Restaurant

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For those in a hurry, Rice Bowl promises both speed and scrumptiousness with its delectable fast-food Chinese offerings.

Council Bluffs, IA, serves as a culinary haven for Chinese cuisine aficionados. With such a diverse range of establishments, there is something for everyone, from traditional dishes to fusion flavors. Whether you are a local or a visitor, make it a point to experience these outstanding eateries.

Written by Mobb

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