The Flourishing Floor: Showcasing the Best Flooring Stores in Farmington, MN

July 4, 2023

Advancements In Flooring

Advancements In Flooring stays true to its name, offering customers the latest in flooring solutions. Although there is no specific description provided, their category as a flooring store suggests a broad selection of flooring options for customers to choose from.

Olson Floor Sanding

Olson Floor Sanding doesn’t have an official website, but it has carved out a niche in the Farmington market. Specializing in flooring, construction, floor sanding, laying, and other special trade work, this versatile company is ready to tackle any flooring project.

Schiller Dennis Wood Floors

Schiller Dennis Wood Floors, another company without an online presence, nonetheless commands attention with its specialized services. As a flooring store, the company offers a wide range of wood flooring options.

Linn’s Carpet Services

Linn’s Carpet Services is a family-owned business with over half a century’s experience in floor coverings. Its dedicated team of consultants guides customers through an extensive range of flooring to suit different lifestyles and budgets.

Mr Sandless

Mr Sandless is a company that serves as a reminder that not all information about a business is always readily available. Despite this, their intriguing name suggests a specialization in dust-free floor solutions.

Little John’s Cleaning

Little John’s Cleaning may not be strictly a flooring store, but it likely offers services that contribute to the maintenance and preservation of floors.

Metro Carpet & Flooring

Metro Carpet & Flooring doesn’t currently have a website, but its portfolio spans from furnishings to equipment stores, providing a one-stop solution for homeowners looking to revamp their spaces.

Full Tile Installation

Full Tile Installation specializes in tile work, making it a go-to option for those looking for detailed and professionally installed tile floors.

The Home Depot

The Home Depot in Apple Valley provides not only flooring solutions but also an array of home improvement supplies, appliances, and outdoor furniture. This diverse range of products and services makes it an essential resource for many homeowners.

Galaxie Floor Stores

Galaxie Floor Stores sets itself apart with its customer-centric approach, providing education about their competitively priced products to help customers make the best choice for their homes.

Abbey Decorating Center

The Abbey Decorating Center stands out with its extensive selection of carpets, hardwood, laminate, ceramic and porcelain tiles, resilient vinyl flooring, and area rugs, all offered with significant savings.

Duffy’s Hardwood Floors

Duffy’s Hardwood Floors specializes in hardwood floors. While their specific offerings remain unspecified, their name hints at a focus on quality hardwood flooring solutions.

Flooring Expo by Carpet King

Flooring Expo by Carpet King brings convenience to customers by bringing the showroom to them. With free estimates on the installation of brand-name flooring products, it stands out as a user-friendly option.

Mntex, LLC

Mntex, LLC doesn’t have a website but caters to those looking for a variety of flooring types, including tiles and hardwood planks.

C & C Flooring Incorporated

C & C Flooring Incorporated stands out with its wide range of offerings, from flooring accessories to cleaning restoration products. This US-based retailer has been meeting flooring needs since 1997.

Overall, Farmington, MN boasts an impressive array of flooring stores, each with unique strengths and offerings. Whether you’re looking for cutting-edge flooring technology, wood-flooring specialists, or stores that also offer home improvement products, you’ll find it in this thriving Minnesota town.

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