The Future of Digital Retail is Headless

April 22, 2022
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eCommerce recently turned 30 years, and what better way to commemorate this milestone than with advanced headless architecture? Headless commerce is the concept of decoupling a website’s frontend experience layer from the backend functionality. Developers can use their preferred frontend technology to deliver unique content experiences and integrate an eCommerce solution at the backend to manage all business functions.

The frontend and backend operate independently, facilitating enhanced adaptability and agility. The headless approach is critical for companies that want to give customers a true omnichannel experience.

Customer experience is vital for business success in today’s overly competitive market. As a result, businesses adopt advanced technologies to attract organic traffic and boost retention. This article highlights why headless commerce is crucial to the future of digital retail.

Headless Technology is the Future of Digital Retail

Businesses that use headless commerce can adopt advanced technology touchpoints, engage with inventive digital experiences, personalize their system, and carve the purchasing journey. The traditional eCommerce concept where the backend and frontend had closely linked systems was sensible when desktop-based eCommerce websites.

Today, these sites must customize customer experiences on all their digital platforms while maintaining a consistent buying experience across the brand. One study disclosed that customers are more than 35% likely to surpass their budgets if their experiences are personalized. As a result, businesses seeking to scale their operations should go headless now. Here are solid reasons why headless is the future of digital retail.

Enhanced User Experiences

eCommerce content based on headless technology features two critical elements that describe and optimize consumer experience across your channels. They are a headless CMS (customer management system) merged with your eCommerce channel.

Consolidating your marketing content with headless CMS facilitates its delivery to different platforms, facilitating an authentic omnichannel experience. Further, streamlined content management is vital in terms of:


eCommerce enterprises can surpass name personalization and focus on the individual customer, the context, intention, and the channel they use to navigate your website.


Designing a seamless customer journey with an advanced CMS is as simple as integrating an advanced social media function with an API. From the omnichannel point of view, language offers marketers an advanced tool to open new markets and interact with other people without investing in a fully-developed translation team.

Boosts Security and Performance

Besides loading fast, retail stores based on a headless architecture offer better security. Fast-loading sites boost the performance of eCommerce businesses in organic performance and SEO and promote user experience.

Many headless retail stores are based on Jamstack. For this, businesses need developers for hire, with expertise in API and MarkUp, who statically create websites that will increase performance due to the headless contempt’s setup towards site performance and fast loading times.

Flexible Retail Stores and fast Deployments

The headless architecture gives frontend developers freedom and flexibility to build user experiences that meet every consumer’s eCommerce needs from scratch.

The developers do not have to struggle with backend related restrictions. They only need to obtain data via an API call. Front end developers can operate independently from backend systems to execute small to large modification requests, easing the process of updating retail stores.

Liberty to Market without Limitations

Headless commerce is an independent approach that gives developers the liberty to make technology-based decisions. Such decisions give your marketing team the power to conduct marketing campaigns live and drive new initiatives across websites, channels, and devices. The flexibility of the headless commerce setup reduces the time marketing teams need to launch new campaigns and websites.

Leveraging on the Future of eCommerce

There is a massive market opportunity for businesses using headless technology. The eCommerce market is explosive, with over 20,000 retailers processing more than $10 million in gross merchandise value (GMV) annually.

As consumers shift to digital spending, the number of retailers joining the eCommerce industry is rising tremendously. According to experts, as eCommerce comes of age, the winners will be businesses that offer a collection of best-of-breed features on a transferable basis.

In this case, the system will support headless architecture that evolves with the merchant consumers. Developing that power will need inorganic and organic investments, the resources, and the ability of an aligned capital firm.


Headless commerce architecture will continue gaining traction in the future. It will become the preferred concept for retailers and brands that need and can manage to adopt more advanced eCommerce platforms such as Recommerce, instant messenger channels like WhatsApp, and smartwatches.

The adoption of headless technology is currently restricted to SMBs due to sharp initial costs. These businesses also have to hire a team of dedicated engineers to execute infrastructural management and any necessary changes.

In future, the availability and convenient use of no-code or low-code services will determine the duration of time retailers, and brands require to facilitate the implementation of the headless architecture. Businesses that adopt headless commerce will position themselves to compete with multinational eCommerce companies.

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