The Shimmering Beauty of Coquille: Top Salon Experiences Unveiled

A comprehensive look into Coquille, OR’s diverse range of beauty salons that are transforming the beauty landscape

Hair Place

As the name suggests, Hair Place is the go-to destination for all your hair needs. This salon falls under the umbrella of hair and beauty salons, personal services, beauty shops, and spas/beauty/personal care categories. They have a long-standing reputation for excellent customer service and their stylists are highly skilled in creating the perfect look for each client. Their website will provide further details on their service portfolio and appointments.

Kathy’s Place

Kathy’s Place is another fabulous beauty salon in Coquille, falling under the categories of beauty salon, personal services, hair salons, beauty shops, and local businesses. Kathy’s Place stands out for its warm, welcoming atmosphere and a strong emphasis on personalized customer care. More information can be found on their website.

Samm’s Haircare

Samm’s Haircare is not just a beauty salon but also a popular nail salon in Coquille. As a provider of personal services and a beauty shop, they ensure a holistic beauty experience for their customers. Check out their website for detailed information about the services they offer.

Sharons Cut ‘n’ Curl

Specialized in both hair and beauty, Sharons Cut ‘n’ Curl offers a wide range of services under the categories of beauty salon, personal services, and beauty shop. Their stylists and beauticians are known for their ability to create unique looks that are tailored to each client’s preferences.

The Hair Stop

The Hair Stop focuses primarily on hair salon services. Their stylists are trained in the latest trends and techniques, ensuring that you leave with a look that’s fresh, modern, and personalized to suit your style. Visit their website to learn more about their services and book an appointment.

Wes’s Family Cuts & Styles

Wes’s Family Cuts & Styles is a unique destination for families who are looking for a place that caters to their diverse haircut needs. Despite not having a specific category listed, this salon has a reputation for being inclusive and providing excellent services.

Judys New Image

Operating under the umbrella of hair salon, nail salon, beauty salon, spa, manicure, pedicure, beauty, hair salons, manicuring, manicurist, and local business categories, Judys New Image is a one-stop beauty destination. Their website,, provides detailed information about their services.

Lords and Ladies Hair & Nails

Lords and Ladies Hair & Nails is a beauty salon that also offers personal services and operates as a beauty shop. They are known for their comprehensive range of services, expert stylists, and a friendly, welcoming environment.

Hairs in

Hairs in is a unique salon in Coquille operating under the categories of dealers, beauty salon, spa, gallery, art gallery, beauty, and local business. With their innovative approach, they have successfully bridged the gap between art and beauty.

Nailed & Polished

A specialist in nail care, Nailed & Polished offers an extensive range of nail services. Despite not having specific categories listed, their clients have been consistently impressed by the quality of their work.

Salon 42

Salon 42 is a staple beauty salon in Coquille. With a commitment to high-quality services and customer satisfaction, this salon is popular with both locals and visitors.

Tonis Hair We Go

Tonis Hair We Go, a beauty salon, is also a well-known barbershop in Coquille. Their wide range of services ensures a complete grooming experience for both men and women.

Tangles Salon

Tangles Salon, categorized under hair salon, waxing service, and beauty salon, is renowned for their expertise in hair care and hair removal techniques. Their high level of skill and professionalism guarantees a superior salon experience.

All About You Nails & Massage

All About You Nails & Massage, as the name suggests, focuses on nail care and massage services. They are categorized as a beauty salon and offer a relaxing environment for their clients. Visit their website,, for more details.

Radiance Skincare

Radiance Skincare, a beauty salon, specializes in skincare treatments. Their team of professionals is dedicated to providing personalized, results-oriented skincare services to their clients.

Coquille, OR, has a rich tapestry of beauty salons each offering unique and tailored services. It’s a place where beauty is not just an industry, but a vibrant community that is constantly evolving and redefining itself. So, next time you’re in Coquille, why not explore these salons and see what they have to offer?

Written by Mobb

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