Thriving Chicago-Based US Analytics Startups Founded Post 2020 Spotlight

December 19, 2023

Chicago, the Midwest heartland of the US, has a rich startup scene, flourishing particularly in the realm of analytics. Numerous emerging companies, incorporated in 2020 or later, are disrupting traditional industries with cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions. They analyze data to provide insights that aid decision making, optimize operations, and drive growth. Let’s delve into the thriving analytics industry and explore some of the exceptional startups making their mark in Chicago.

These startups span diverse sectors, from sports and crypto to healthcare and hospitality. Leveraging data to solve wide-ranging problems, they are transforming the landscape and pushing boundaries. Driven by innovative founders passionate about creating an impact, these companies are the future of the analytics industry in the US.

While the current situation is in a state of constant flux, these startups have adapted remarkably well, taking strides in their respective industries. By employing advanced technologies and rigorous methodologies, these entities leverage analytics to provide unprecedented value to their clients. Let’s take a closer look at each one:


Trajektory aggregates and analyzes sponsorship data from dozens of sources, providing access to accurate and integrity-driven sponsorship data across digital and non-digital assets. By evaluating sponsorships holistically and in real-time, our customers can retire over $100K on legacy vendor spend, save over 1,200 hours a year on data preparation, and report on nearly 100% of their sponsorship portfolio.

Built by industry professionals who have sat in your seats, our commitment to integrity and innovation ensures that you stay ahead in the game, transforming your sponsorship strategies into success stories that resonate. With better insights, Trajektory customers optimize their sponsorship decision-making and maximize revenue.

Genesis Volatility

Genesis Volatility is an innovative analytics platform geared toward crypto traders. Its groundbreaking approach enables traders to gain an edge in the market and successfully capture alpha. The company uses state-of-the-art technology to streamline the complex world of crypto trading, bolstering its process with comprehensive analytics.


Metric is a cutting-edge Chicago-based startup in the fields of analytics, computer, database, and software. The brainchild of Megan Murday, the company provides valuable data insights to optimize operations and aid in decision-making processes.

Health Blockchain Security Services

Health Blockchain Security Services, founded by Daniel Addison, has a focused approach on blockchain, cybersecurity, and predictive analytics. The company provides a platform that deduces cybersecurity operational analytics through advanced predictive modeling to ensure security and thwart malicious threats.


MediaBrain, founded by Nick Ellis, unifies large and varied datasets, providing cloud-based solutions for deriving actionable insights. Catering to agencies, advertisers, and media companies, it operates within the realms of advertising, analytics, big data, and marketing automation, ensuring data governance and security while respecting GDPR and CCPA rules.

Bull Tongue Tech

Operating in the analytics, education, market research, and retirement sectors, Bull Tongue Tech delivers top-tier analytics solutions. The company provides extensive market research to contribute to knowledge and growth in their respective industries.


Optistics, co-founded by Brett Fritz and Javier Ultreras, offers a unique Predictions-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution. It integrates artificial intelligence and machine learning to predict potential shipment delays, thereby helping customer service teams to tackle possible issues proactively.

MN Engineering Solutions

MN Engineering Solutions, founded by Naresh Arunagiri and Madhan Kumar Paramahamsan, is a trailblazer in the realm of industrial automation, industrial engineering, and predictive analytics. The Chicago-based company utilizes state-of-the-art technology to deliver advanced problem-solving solutions.


INTELLIC.AI, founded by Michael Haniff, is a game changer in the healthcare sector. The company’s platform applies artificial intelligence and machine learning-based algorithms to streamline care delivery and improve patient outcomes.


SipScience, co-founded by Andrey Kovalev and Ayan Roy, is an analytics company that services the regulated beverage alcohol industry, filling a crucial knowledge gap about consumer behaviors within bars and restaurants. Their solution is a consumer app that enables contactless payments and provides a subscription model for drink discounts, enabling digital targeting for brands, agencies, and marketers.


Founded by Andy Bandyopadhyay, Jennifer Tescher, and John Thompson, FinHealthCheck is paving the way in the field of business intelligence, healthcare, and financial services. Their platform provides insights to organizations, enabling them to optimize for financial health while creating a significant impact on low- to moderate-income families and people of color.

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