Thriving Finance Startups: Austin’s Contribution to the US Industry

January 29, 2024

Austin, Texas has gained a reputation as a thriving hub for innovation and entrepreneurship. In recent years, this Midwestern city has attracted an increasing number of startups, particularly those operating in the growing finance industry. Notably, many startups established in 2020 are already leaving a significant mark on the finance industry. Here’s a snapshot of 11 noteworthy startups based in Austin:

Each of these fairly new entities bring their own innovative solutions to the table, using the power of technology to revolutionize the ways in which people handle and think about money. Ranging from credit score-based capital lending, to property tax optimization, to managing the complexities of debt recovery, these startups are tackling a wide range of financial pain points.

The city of Austin itself plays a key role in the success of these startups. Known as the “Silicon Hills”, Austin offers a vibrant tech and startup environment, world-class human capital, a supportive government, and excellent mentoring and networking opportunities. Now let’s deep dive into these startups:


Founded by Nathan Latka, Founderpath assists founders in drawing capital without raising equity. It offers a unique finance solution that underscores the power of data. Founderpath also manages a debt fund, thereby directly investing in businesses.


Founded by Colton Pace, Frank DiZenzo, and Joseph Noor, Ownwell is an online platform aimed at reducing the cost of owning real estate. The startup identifies property owners who are overpaying for property taxes and assists in securing tax breaks. Here’s their LinkedIn.

Onramp Funds:

Started by Eric Youngstrom in 2020, Onramp Funds provides a finance solution designed for e-commerce entrepreneurs. By funding working capital needs, it allows businesses to free up capital for investment in growing their operations. Check out their LinkedIn profile.


Founded by Carey Armstrong and Greg Schwartz, Tomo improves the homebuying experience, initially as a digital mortgage and transaction company. Stay in touch on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.


Austin-based startup Equabli streamlines the complex debt recovery process into a managed service by integrating directly into businesses, effectively managing delinquencies and defaults. You can check out their LinkedIn for more.


Accelerist, founded by Brittany Hill, intends to connect companies with causes. In order to live up to its mission, the startup focuses on keeping its platform smart and relevant to users. They can be found on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Ionic Partners:

Initiated by Andy Tryba and Donald Park, Ionic Partners operates in the finance, information technology and software industries. Stay updated on their activities via their LinkedIn and Twitter.

Noble Money:

Founded by Josh Kim, Meron Medhanie, and Spencer Kaye, Noble Money focuses on making sound financial operations accessible to everyone. To learn more, check out their LinkedIn.


Startup Scrutinize offers anomaly detection for accounting systems. This innovative solution helps businesses ensure the integrity of their financial records. Stay connected with them via LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.


Launched by Rob Marshall, Unilease operates in the leasing and real estate industry. To keep up with their developments, like their Facebook page and follow their LinkedIn.


Founded by Edgar Herrador, Bayro guides companies entering the digital assets ecosystem. They specialize in avant garde solutions and professional services for distributed ledgers, cryptocurrencies, digital money and synthetic assets. Connect with them on LinkedIn and Twitter.

These Startups are working hard to bring innovation and diversity to the finance industry, and have proven to be worthy of attention. With their diverse expertise and revolutionary solutions, these startups are poised to disrupt the industry and push the finance sector into a new era.

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