Tips To Boost the Power of Your Industrial Generator

February 20, 2024
Tips To Boost the Power of Your Industrial Generator

In an era where industrial continuity is non-negotiable, generators are essential against the unpredictable nature of power supply. No matter the industry, like healthcare facilities needing emergency power, manufacturing plants avoiding costly downtime, or data centers demanding an uninterrupted power supply, generators must perform impeccably.

Their functionality is not a matter of luck; it’s the result of diligent care and insightful operation. These tips to boost the power of your industrial generator will enhance your generator’s performance and extend its lifespan, ensuring that when the grid falters, your operations don’t.

Regular Maintenance Schedules

Consistent maintenance is key to keeping your industrial generator in top condition. This isn’t just about checking fuel levels or giving it a quick look. Real maintenance involves a thorough check of all systems, from the fuel system and battery to the cooling system and oil levels. Make sure to replace worn or damaged parts immediately and consider professional servicing at intervals recommended by the manufacturer.

Proper Loading Practices

Industrial generators can support specific load capacities. Continually running your generator at maximum capacity can strain the engine and reduce its efficiency. Just as problematic is running it consistently under load, which can lead to a condition known as wet stacking from unused diesel fuel. A good rule of thumb is to keep the load between 70-80 percent of the generator’s total capacity.

Exercise the Generator

You must regularly use a generator to stay in good working order. Exercising your generator means running it under load for a short period, helping lubricate engine components, preventing oxidation of electrical contacts, and using up stored fuel. One of the common mistakes damaging your industrial generator is leaving it unused for long periods. Schedule these run-throughs regularly; it’s a simple step that can significantly improve performance and reliability.

Fuel Quality and Storage

Fuel is the lifeblood of your generator, and high-quality products are the best way to boost the power of your industrial generator. Make it a practice to buy reliable fuel and store it properly, keeping it clean and free from water contamination. Diesel fuel can degrade over time, so it’s wise not to stockpile more than a month’s supply unless treated with stabilizers.

Environmental Considerations

The environment where your generator operates can also affect its performance. Excessive dust, moisture, or temperatures can lead to wear and inhibit the generator’s ability to function properly. Store your generator in a well-ventilated area protected from the elements. Weatherproofing and climate control can protect against extreme conditions that might ruin your generator’s operation.

With these tips, you can safeguard the functionality and extend the lifespan of your industrial generator. Proper care and maintenance are critical to avoiding costly repairs and ensuring that it remains a steadfast source of power for your operations.

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