Top 5 LGBT Matchmaking Startups That Attract Customers

July 25, 2022
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Technology has its ups and downs, just like any other thing in the world. We are optimists. The glass is always half full, so we’ll concentrate more on good things. Many people from the LGBT community experience loneliness due to many reasons: getting out of a relationship, not being able to go to social gatherings, being judged, shyness, or not being social. Reasons are numerous, but there’s one solution that may suit everyone. Technology is a good way for people who are not too keen to meet people the regular way. They’re looking for a way to get to know the potential partner online before meeting in real life. Now, this is the part where startups enter the stage. Developers recognized the growing need for matchmaking apps or sites where users can weed out those who are not their cup of tea. That means many algorithms work around the clock to give the best possible match to each user.

Below you’ll read more about LGBT matchmaking startups. Hopefully, one of those will speak to you and get you one step closer to finding your perfect match.

Dating Industry as a Whole

The online dating industry is growing steadily. That opens space for numerous niche sites and apps that target specific people. Some platforms are for straight people (but most modern sites are for everybody). Yet, the best sites target smaller groups of people. In other words, there are platforms for gay men, lesbians, bisexuals, etc. Their members don鈥檛 waste time filtering the whole community. And high-end LGBT dating sites offer free lesbian chat to the ladies. Thanks to that, such sites are growing fast. And since girls don鈥檛 have to browse matches manually like it鈥檚 1997, dates happen more often.

People spend most of their free time online browsing. It’s not unusual for them to come across some dating sites on Instagram or other social media. That’s a great way to see what’s out there and find something that suits you.


Vieloco matches you with a potential partner based on your shared passions and interests. While creating a profile on this platform, you’ll have 23 categories and 300+ listed interests. Passions vary from sports, the type of music you listen to, hobbies, favorite dishes, your sexuality, and so much more. When you complete your profile, algorithms work in your favor. They’re matching you with a person with whom you share passions and interests. The app allows you to chat, live stream, and send gifts to other users, all great ways to approach your potential partner and make an impact.


We had to mention this dating app because of its uniqueness. We’re all used to chatting and looking at photos. Klip is basically like any other app, except it revolves around videos. So, instead of passively looking at pictures, now you can watch videos and feel more connected or drawn to a potential partner. Imagine endless possibilities when it comes to making a video where you are presenting yourself or things that make you who you are. This is the world’s first quality video dating app, and we’re sure it started some sort of revolution in the dating sphere. Almost 2000 monthly downloads speak for themselves.


H4M is not your usual dating app or platform. Their main goal is to find a perfect match for LGBTQ+ members offline. Unlike blind dates and dating apps, people at H4M are dedicated to getting to know you and all your traits and interests. After that, they search their database and match you up with the best match for you. If both of you like each other, people from H4M arrange your first and second dates to get feedback from both sides. That way, they’re building their database and improving their matchmaking abilities. It’s good to mention that this is the only company that manages the first two dates and offers a verbal feedback process in between.


This is the first gay social media and dating app wrapped all in one. Its founder wanted to create a safe place for all gays where they’ll feel included. What’s so great about this platform is offering all security and privacy-related things for free. Taimi is similar to Facebook, meaning you can create a profile and post everything you love and want there. Other members can engage on your posts or images, or you can talk to them privately on chat. Taimi founders’ main goal was to give LGBTQ+ members a place where they can be free and not judged for expressing themselves.


Delta is India’s first homegrown dating app made only for LGBTQ+ members. This is a safe place for people of all sexualities and genders. Here you can find a partner for a long or short-term relationship. You can casually date or just be there to make new friends. Delta welcomes you all. A person can match up in two ways: matches and discover. If you want to be matched, you need to fill out a 1-minute questionnaire so Delta can get to know you and suggest people you’ll like based on your answers. If you want to discover, you’ll take things in your hand, join groups you like, and find a person you’d like to chat to.

As one can see, the dating industry is evolving daily. There are so many platforms and apps you can choose from. All have the same goal as you – to find a perfect match.

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