Top Emerging Mobile Startups Hailing from New York, USA

January 30, 2024

Despite the challenging economic and social landscape that 2020 presented, a dynamic pool of startups in the mobile industry managed to thrive, demonstrating resilience, inventiveness, and quick adaptation to ongoing changes. Providing everything from mobile apps that enable personal financial growth to gaming, these New York, US-based startups are disrupting their respective markets and shaping the landscape for the mobile industry. This installment of our series will shed light on startups with an inception of 2020 or later.

Many of these startups have leveraged the power of mobile technology to simplify and streamline everyday tasks, from shopping and video gaming to productivity and time management. They have also found innovative ways to improve and enhance user experiences and engagement, redefining how individuals interact with their mobile devices while providing groundbreaking solutions that cater to their growing needs.

Others have even gone as far as transforming how organizations operate, propelling companies into more sustainable and human-centric practices. Whether through boosting employee autonomy or aiding in the execution of critical operational tasks, these startups truly highlight the limitless possibilities of mobile technology. Here’s a look at some of these startups.


Founded by Dom Wong, Oskar Melking, and Shikhar Mohan, Pogo is a game-changer in the realm of personal finance and shopping. The company enables people to gain control over their data and profit from its use for marketing and personalized advertising, essentially providing users a new avenue for income generation. Connect with Pogo on LinkedIn.


Brought to life by co-founders Alexander Emmanuel and Anthony Geranio, 1v1Me is a mobile gaming platform that allows users to engage in one-on-one matches in their favorite video games for cash. You can follow them on @1v1me on Twitter, on Facebook, and on LinkedIn company page.


Opal, innovated by Kenneth Schlenker, is a #1 Screen Time application helping you maintain focus and productivity by restricting the usage of distractive applications. Join Opal’s community on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Co-founders Leah Del Percio and Tara Faquir launched Trustate to alleviate the administrative work burden associated with estate settlements following the loss of a loved one. Catch them on @trustateco, on Facebook and on LinkedIn.


Cafe, co-founded by Arthur Lorotte de Banes and Tom Nguyen, is an application that helps organizations transition into a hybrid work model, empowering employees to work collaboratively from any workspace they choose. Stay updated with their progression on LinkedIn.


Kambeo is a social impact platform that connects commerce, community, and causes, making it fun and easy to give back to society. Follow them on @kambeo_, on Facebook, and on their LinkedIn.

ArcSpan Technologies

ArcSpan, co-founded by Arthur Muldoon and Garret Vreeland, is a company that monetizes addressable audience data, enabling publishers to optimize their ad sales revenue. Connect with them on their LinkedIn page.


Founders Mike Kosnik and Samson Schirmer co-founded Enroute, a mobile platform that aids in the transport of patients within a hospital setting, improving healthcare accessibility and efficiency. You can find more information about them on LinkedIn.


Inspired by Emre Fadillioglu, Mehmet Bilgin, Seyhmus Olker, and Soner Sensoy, Storyly transforms mobile app’s user experiences leveraging the story format. Connect with them on @Storyly_io and LinkedIn.

Beam Coffee

Eric Sheng’s Beam Coffee disrupted the Food and Beverage industry by fusing mobile technology, hardware, and retail.


Last but not least, Boom, co-founded by Kirill Moizik and Rob Whiting, provides financial solutions related to credit and rent payments for their users. Stay tuned with Boom on @boompayapp, on Facebook, and on LinkedIn.

These startups are just a handful of examples demonstrating the innovative power and possibilities within the mobile industry. By harnessing new technologies, they’ve adapted to and navigated through an unpredictable and challenging year, underscoring not just their resilience, but also the potential of what mobile technology can accomplish. Keep an eye on these breakout stars; they are helping shape a future in which mobile technology positively impacts every aspect of our lives.

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