Top New York Food and Beverage Startups Revolutionizing US Industry

January 30, 2024

As the culinary scene in the US continues to expand and evolve, entrepreneurs are seizing the opportunity to make their mark in the food and beverage industry. Particularly, startups in New York City are stepping up to the plate, utilizing technology, creativity, and a passion for food to deliver innovative services and products. In this series, we will be showcasing some of the latest startups in the city, launched from 2020, which are causing a stir in the industry.

These startups are not only offering delicious, quality food and beverages, they are also responding to consumer demands for convenience, sustainability, and health consciousness. From platforms that streamline the supply chain for food and beverage manufacturers, to companies developing innovative culinary concepts, these startups are redefining how we eat and drink.

What is impressive about these startups is their resilience during a time of global crisis. Launched within the last two years, these companies have faced, and are overcoming, the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. Exhibiting agility, they have quickly adapted to new consumer habits and have been successful in challenging circumstances.

Founders Table Restaurant Group

Founded by Leo Kremer, Founders Table Restaurant Group was launched in January 2020 with the aim to create, acquire, and cultivate innovative and profitable founder-led restaurant companies. By combining digital and operational innovation, Founders Table is driving the growth of industry-leading culinary concepts.


ShelfLife, founded by John Cline and Lillian Cartwright, is an ordering and communication platform that simplifies sourcing for food and beverage manufacturers. ShelfLife aims to save time and increase transparency throughout the upstream supply chain.


Founded by Andrea Xu, Umamicart offers a grocery delivery service curating diverse Asian products and ingredients. They also provide recipe inspirations and occasion-specific kits for exciting cooking activities.

Georgie & Tom’s

Georgie & Tom’s, founded by Georgina Wood and Tom Allchurch, delivers high quality, fully prepared meals to customers’ homes. With an assortment of over 60 recipes, each meal can be cooked in just 5-8 minutes.


Moment is all about mindful drinking. Their natural botanical beverages, which have no caffeine or added sugar, are designed to facilitate meditation.


For those who like their drink with a natural twist, AVEC’s alcohol mixes by Alexander Doman and Denetrias Charlemagne are must-tries. These mixes combine real juice and natural botanicals along with sweeteners found in nature.

Happy Viking

Happy Viking positions itself in the food and beverage industry as a nutrition brand that focuses on wholesome drinks and eats.

Wolf Spring

Etienne Legangneux and Xavier Delestrade founded Wolf Spring to emphasize on ‘Enhanced Canine Wellness’, creating food and beverage products catering specifically to our canine companions.


Whipnotic, founded by Lori Gitomer and Tracy Luckow, is all about revolutionizing whipped cream. Their innovative packaging supplies a swirl of fresh flavor and color in each bite, while keeping the ingredients clean and low in sugar.


Cole Riley’s Wellfare is a nonprofit that strives to eradicate food insecurity and maximize the potential of underprivileged areas by ensuring its residents have access to wholesome food.


Founded by Danny Bin and Thabo Lenneiye, MisenBox ships favorite restaurant food to home. This platform allows users to order food quickly and conveniently, uplifting their dining-in experiences.

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