Top Sacramento Consulting Startups Reigniting the US Business Landscape

January 29, 2024

The city of Sacramento, California is a hub of innovation and enterprise, with a number of exciting startups calling it home. This article will focus on startups established in 2020 or later, which operate in the Consulting industry. These companies not only add to the economic growth of the city but are also redefining the future of their respective industries.

These startups span various sectors from Insurance to Health Care, Education to Real Estate, and plenty more. They have utilized their expertise and advanced technology to bring an innovative approach to their work and set new industry standards. Here, we shine a spotlight on these companies and offer an insight into their operations.

All of the companies listed in this series demonstrate how Sacramento has become a dynamic and vibrant location for cutting-edge businesses. Let’s delve a little deeper into these startups and explore their initiatives.


Edge, founded by Iffi Wahla, offers consulting, insurance, outsourcing, and professional services. Located in Sacramento, California, they have revolutionized these industries with their innovative solutions. You can find them on Linkedin.

Futuro Health

Futuro Health, based in Sacramento, focuses on improving the health and upliftment of communities by increasing the network of credentialed allied healthcare workers in the nation. Their quality care extends to diverse professionals. They enrich the healthcare, education, and wellness sectors with their innovations. Find them on Facebook and Linkedin.


Yoda offers technological solutions to cater to unique business needs. From financial management to application development and management consulting – they offer it all. Part of the Sacramento tech scene, they focus on Apps, Health Care, and Management Consulting. Connect with them on Linkedin.

Access Corporate Housing

Access Corporate Housing offers consulting and professional services across the real estate industry. Based in Sacramento, they transform the real estate sector with their innovative approach. Learn more about them on Linkedin.


Talentamp, another innovative Sacramento-based startup, provides consulting, outsourcing, and staffing services. Their novel approach to recruitment and staffing has set new trends in the industry. Learn more about them on Linkedin.

Far I Vision

Far I Vision provides consulting, mentorship, and coaching services. By leveraging resources and recognizing intercultural interdependency, they assist in journeys of self-discovery. Connect with them on Facebook, LinkedIn or follow them on Twitter.

Peel Software Development

Peel Software Development, based in Sacramento, is an innovative startup operating in the fields of Analytics, Apps, Consulting, Information Technology, and Software. Follow their journey on LinkedIn.


Traindata, founded by Karthik Vasudevan, excels at high precision and quality annotations of NLP data, Bounding Box, Polygon, Circle, Point, and Cuboidal data. They are a proud part of Sacramento’s tech scene and contribute greatly to Artificial Intelligence, Consulting, Information Services, and others. Follow their journey on Twitter.

GTM Pace

GTM Pace, founded by Steve Semenzato, is a methodology and business advising service. They assist Seed and A round organizations in moving faster, identifying opportunities and markets more quickly, and executing revenue-generating “Go-to-Market” concepts. They are a new member of the Sacramento startup community, having been founded in 2022. Visit their website for more information.

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