Trailblazing New York Startups Revolutionizing the American Music Industry

January 30, 2024

The music industry in New York City has been the birthplace of many an artist’s dream, and it is no surprise that it continues to be a hotbed of innovative startups. Emerging from the unique challenges presented by the year 2020, these companies have been driving the industry forward, utilising technology and fresh ideas to reshape how we interact with and navigate the world of music. Here, we shine a spotlight on twelve such startups, all created in or after 2020, that are poised to make waves in the music scene.

These startups range from those offering new platforms for collaboration and music education to those reinventing the management and distribution of intellectual property rights. They are also shaking up the industry through digital music promotion, providing platforms for performers to license and collect royalties, and helping musicians chart their career paths. Some are extending their reach beyond music to deliver disruptive solutions in entertainment and education.

Together, these New York City-based music startups represent the future of an industry that is becoming increasingly digital and collaborative. Endeavouring to reshape traditional structures and challenge existing norms, these young companies might just represent the next big breakthrough in music.


Co-founded by Chris Muccioli, Jordan Bradley, and Paulina Vo, Highnote is creating a platform for musicians and podcasters to collaborate. It is designed to facilitate audio file collaboration, with features such as recording voice notes directly over a track, creating timestamped reactions, and polling for feedback. The platform is free, accessible from any device, and does not require a download.


Forte, founded by Hunter McGranahan and Mark Murtagh, improves online music education through audio and video conferencing. The company aspires to expand access to high-quality music teachers everywhere.


WordCollections, a project by founders Bob Kohn and Jeff Price, is a digital radio collection platform for comedians and spoken-word performers. It provides royalty services that allow performers to license their recordings and collect earned royalties from digital or AM/FM radio broadcasts.

TSX Entertainment

Founded by Nick Holmstén, TSX Entertainment operates within the sphere of media and entertainment in the music industry.

Catch Point Rights Partners

Catch Point Rights Partners, the creation of Richard Conlon, acquires and curates a portfolio of entertainment intellectual property rights, specializing in the realm of music.

High Roller

High Roller, helmed by founder Lucas Genova, is a full-service entertainment company providing comprehensive services for influencers, public figures, artists, and entrepreneurs.

Concord Theatricals

Concord Theatricals operates at the intersection of music, media, performing arts, and events, with a strong focus on theatre productions.


Founded by Caroline Capponi, Geoff Danilack, and Kayla Phillips, RestEasy provides a novel way to commemorate loved ones who have passed away, through the creation of digital memorials featuring photos, videos, music, and memories.

Music Career Map

Music Career Map, the brainchild of Brian Penick, serves to guide musicians in their career paths by providing useful and relevant information.


Historic is a music startup based in New York City.

Music Fungi

Music Fungi, founded by Subhranil Naskar, assists singers, artists, and musicians in promoting their music on various platforms such as Spotify, Soundcloud, and YouTube.

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