Uncovering Covington’s Nautical Giants: Navigating Through Tennessee’s Premier Boating Businesses

July 8, 2023

Highway 14 Marine: The Trusted Local Boat Dealer

Highway 14 Marine, with its impressive assortment of categories, is a one-stop destination for boating enthusiasts in Covington. Although they do not have a website, their reputation precedes them as a trustworthy boat dealer. Specializing in a wide range of water transportation services, the company is known for its quality boating services, as well as its role as an automotive dealer and gasoline service station. Visiting their establishment gives you a taste of the variety and quality they provide.

Mikes Marine: Your All-in-One Boating Solution

Mikes Marine is a comprehensive boating solution provider. Its diverse array of categories, ranging from boat dealing to marine equipment repair, marks it as an industry leader. The company specializes in water sports equipment, offering a range of services, including boat repairs, parts, and accessories. Mikes Marine, with its strong dedication to professionalism, stands out as a provider of high-quality marine supplies and outboard motors.

Five Star Motors: A Blend of Auto and Boating Excellence

Five Star Motors has a unique identity in the Covington boating market as it amalgamates auto and boating services. While they do not have an official website, their presence in the community is noteworthy. They are known for dealing with boats, providing water transportation services, and serving as auto and used car dealers. If you’re in the market for both a boat and a car, Five Star Motors might just be your place.

Mini Mall Storage: Secure and Convenient Boat Storage Solution

Mini Mall Storage is the go-to company for boat storage solutions. Their description reveals a commitment to cleanliness, affordability, and security, making it a reliable choice for boat owners. Apart from offering boat storage, they also cater to RV, document, and general self-storage needs. Their storage units of varying sizes cater to the diverse needs of their customers.

Shannon Huffman: Allstate Insurance: The Local Insurance Expert

With a website at Allstate, Shannon Huffman provides comprehensive insurance services to the people of Covington. Her passion for helping customers with their personal insurance needs speaks volumes about her commitment. Among her vast range of services, Shannon offers boat insurance, making her an integral part of the boating community.

Brad Carlisle – State Farm Insurance Agent: Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

Brad Carlisle, a State Farm Insurance agent, offers a plethora of insurance services. The broad scope of his services, which includes boat insurance, reflects his dedication to the community. His team’s focus on understanding insurance and prioritizing customer goals underlines their customer-first approach.

Wilkins John Boat Dock: A Unique Offering in Boat Storage and Transportation

While Wilkins John Boat Dock does not have an official website, it is worth noting for its unique offerings in the industry. Specializing in boat storage and transportation services, the company also provides boat launching services. Their additional services, including lifts, hoist, and boathouse facilities, further bolster their stand in Covington’s boating industry.

With these seven businesses, Covington, TN showcases a vibrant boating industry that caters to diverse needs ranging from boat sales, repair, and storage to comprehensive insurance services. These companies serve as the anchors of the community, providing both professional and recreational services to their clients.

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