Unearthing the Rural Riches: Dynamic and Innovative Farms of Brentwood, NH

June 21, 2023

Hidden Pond Farm

Hidden Pond Farm, dedicated to equine care, is renowned for its unique focus on horse rescue. Its dedication to providing a safe haven for horses sets it apart from other farms in Brentwood. Visit their website here for more information.

TimberNook – Apple Annie

Apple Annie, a part of the TimberNook franchise, merges the charm of an orchard with a traditional farm experience. It’s not just about apples here; it’s about providing an enchanting, educational experience for visitors. Find more about them here.

Stout Oak Farm

Stout Oak Farm serves as a testament to traditional farming methods in Brentwood. Their work in sustainable agriculture is a shining beacon in New Hampshire’s farming community. Their farm story can be found here.

Dunk’s Mushrooms

Specializing in mushroom farming, Dunk’s Mushrooms offers a fascinating twist on traditional farming. It’s a must-visit location for anyone intrigued by fungi cultivation and the broader agricultural industry. Their story and offerings can be found on their website.

Little River Stables

Little River Stables specializes in equestrian services, emphasizing the integral role horses play in rural life. Although they do not have a website, they maintain a significant presence in Brentwood’s farming community.

Cooper Hill Farms

Cooper Hill Farms represents the heart of Brentwood’s farming industry. Though there isn’t a website, this doesn’t diminish their contribution to the agricultural industry and the local community.

Chappell Tractor East LLC

With a robust portfolio encompassing everything from agriculture to construction equipment, Chappell Tractor East LLC operates on the crossroads of various industries. Visit their website to discover the broad range of services and products they offer.

Star Lit Hollow Farm Incorporated

This equestrian-centered company focuses on providing sport, recreation, and pet-related services. Their unique approach to farming serves the broader community and promotes equestrian sports. More information can be found on their website.

Granite Creek Farms

Granite Creek Farms stands out due to its innovative blend of traditional farming and full-service floristry. This versatility makes it a crucial part of Brentwood’s agricultural landscape. Visit their website to discover their variety of services and products.

Brentwood Farm Greenhouses Inc

Brentwood Farm Greenhouses Inc extends its reach beyond traditional farming to embrace the world of retail, showcasing Brentwood’s diverse agricultural market.

Five Stars Farm

Five Stars Farm shines a light on the world of equestrian sports and training. This equestrian center emphasizes the importance of horses in Brentwood’s rural life. Visit their website to learn more.

Seacoast Farms Compost Products Inc

A specialist in compost production, Seacoast Farms Compost Products Inc showcases the intersection of recycling and farming. They are a crucial player in Brentwood’s sustainable farming scene.

Ilneva Farm

Ilneva Farm is a staple in Brentwood’s agricultural industry, illustrating the value of traditional farming methods. Explore more about Ilneva Farm here.

Kenridge Farm

Kenridge Farm stands as a testament to Brentwood’s rich agricultural history and continued commitment to traditional farming practices.

Coombs Farm

Coombs Farm rounds off our list with its commitment to fostering traditional farming practices. Visit their website to learn more about their work.

Through this exploration, it becomes clear that Brentwood, New Hampshire, holds a wealth of diverse, innovative, and passionate farming businesses. These farms not only contribute to the local and state economy but also shape the rich agricultural heritage of the region.

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