Unveiling Miami’s Top Medical Startups Energizing Healthcare Across America

January 29, 2024

We are living in an era where technological innovation shapes every aspect of our lives – and healthcare is no exception. In the heart of the United States, Miami, Florida has become a hotspot for medical startups, with companies pioneering breakthrough advances in everything from Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Automation to Robotic Process Automation. These fledgling companies, all founded in 2020 or later, are harnessing the power of information technology and state-of-the-art software to redefine the healthcare arena. Let’s take a close-up look at some of these startups adventurously pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

OXGYEN Healthcare

Founded by Raimonda Pilipaviciute and Yuri Frayman, OXGYEN Healthcare is a holistic platform for healthcare providers, merging individualized patient and medical data for better health outcomes. With its unique integrations platform, the system is ISO 27001 certified and HIPAA compliant. Connect with them via their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


HealingMaps, founded by Cory Jones, is a unique platform that provides in-depth articles and directories related to medical psychedelics. Based in Miami, you can follow their journey on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Guard Medical

Next, we have Guard Medical – known for its innovation-driven development of NPseal™. Prophylactic NPWT wound care products are their niche. Follow them on Facebook and check out their LinkedIn profile.


SMARTii is all about time-saving measures with tasks like form filling. Their system quickly shares information with businesses, reducing redundancy. Learn more about them on their Facebook page or LinkedIn.

Rehab Boost

Designed by Paul Juare, Rehab Boost uses body recognition and analysis to provide real-time therapeutic guidance. Connect with them on Facebook or LinkedIn.


iTolerance, helmed by Cameron Gray, pioneers regenerative medicine without the need for immunosuppression. Follow their journey through their LinkedIn page.

Maskco Technologies

Established in 2020, Maskco Technologies specializes in manufacturing medical devices like N95 Respirators. Get connected to them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Virtual Psychiatric Care

Virtual Psychiatric Care provides a wide array of services from medication management to full psychiatric evaluations. Keep up-to-date with them through their Facebook page or LinkedIn profile.


MAVIDx is yet another promising startup, focused on biotechnology. Learn more about their journey through their LinkedIn page.

Novus Community Services

Novus Community Services offers an array of healthcare services ranging from psychiatry to rehabilitation. Check out their LinkedIn page for more information.


Founded by John Criswell, Porter is a big data and analytics company committed to improving consumer products and health care. Stay updated on their offerings through Facebook and LinkedIn.

These innovative medical startups based in Miami are setting the pace for breakthroughs in healthcare, proving that with creativity, inspiration, and a dash of entrepreneurship, miracles can happen. Stay tuned as we continue to highlight the best startups within the US Medical industry, making a massive impact on healthcare as we know it.

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