Ways To Make Your Business Feel More Personable to Customers

August 24, 2023
Ways To Make Your Business Feel More Personable to Customers

While it’s important for businesses to maintain a professional relationship with their customers and clients, you also want your business to feel personable and connected with its audience. If you want to promote more positive engagement with your customers, keep reading to find ways to make your business feel more personable.

Start With Personable Communication

Your customer service team has a huge effect on your customers’ experiences with your business. If you want your company to come off as more friendly and inviting to new and returning customers, start by training your customer service team in friendly interactions. For example, your customer service personnel can introduce themselves when reaching out to customers in chats, over the phone, and in person. You can also incorporate warmer, more inviting language in your marketing materials. And when reaching out to customers through email or text, consider using programs and shortcuts that insert the customer’s first name to make the interaction feel more friendly and genuine.

Be More Active on Social Media

Social media is an amazing avenue for engaging with your customers and promoting a personable image. Consider hosting social media events and giveaways that help your followers get to know and connect with your business more outside of transactions. You can also use social media to post more than just new products and promotions. Use social media to educate your customers about the history of your company, your team members, and what your business does to help its community. This can help build trust with your customers and promote engagement.

Offer Gifts to Your Customers and Clients

Another way to build a more personable business is to form connections with your customers and reward them for their continued patronage. If you don’t already have a loyalty program, consider setting one up through your point-of-sale system or online store. Track the number of purchases or visits that your customers have so that you can offer them free products, gifts, and special promotions for their return business. You can impress your customers with gifts like matchbooks, custom merchandise, and more as free gifts.

These are just a few ways you can help your business feel more personable. Using these tips can help promote a better shopping experience for your customers, which encourages more repeat customers and word of mouth marketing for your business.

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